Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Commisar Goodell:

Calvin Johnson caught that ball. Your refs are idiots. You have been a failure. You will deserve the strike you'll get next year. Enjoy your stock options while they last.

Please have the refs explain this call, in detail.
Rest assured that all 7 remaining Lions fans will obsessively watch every single game for what will surely be hundreds of examples of this same touchdown being scored over and over again all season, without being called back.

Of course, you won't even address this hometown reffing. You fail.

Eat a Bucket of Dicks,

Lions Fans


Bob 9:29 AM  

"Eat a Bucket of Dicks"

Now that is classy.

Smitty 10:18 AM  

I could think of no more gracious of a closing line than that. It reflects my wishes and sentiments.

Andy 1:39 PM  

It is perfect. That play was awesome. He got control of the ball, two feet in bounds, and put it down when he got to the ground. The announcers said it all had to be "one act"...what the hell is that? In college (and I thought in the pros) you need feet in bounds and possession. Johnson had feet in bounds, then his ass hit the turf. That is down. With the ball. This rule is so stupid that the refs should have called it a TD and review should have overruled the refs. Unbelievable. Makes me love college that much more.

Streak 4:14 PM  

I am still confused. What do you think of that call, Smitty?


I agree, it was a TD. I think this may be the ownership's fault for not addressing the rule over the offseason.

Pete,  10:14 PM  

You see that play all the time in the NFL, though. Player comes down with the ball, it hits the ground or he rolls with it and it comes out, and it's incomplete. Sometimes it's for a TD, sometimes it's for a first down, whatever...it's still incomplete and every receiver has been burned by it.

I think everyone's just sore because it was maybe the one chance the Lions almost snuck out a win.

steves 8:30 AM  

I understand that the call was in line with the rule, but the rule is so poorly written and vague that it needs to be better written or completely scrapped in favor of the one that it used in college.

I hate the Lions and even I think there should be a dick bucket feast for those who made this call.

Smitty 12:58 PM  

should be a dick bucket feast

I am using this phrase from now on at least once a day.

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