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Monday, September 20, 2010

My season tickets are on the opposite side of the end zone from the end Tight End Charlie Gantt ran to, but I saw it clear as day. The stadium erupted into pandemonium. To say the crowd was deafening is an understatement.

One for the memories, folks. I left my vocal chords somewhere in Section 29, row 4.


Andy 1:57 PM  

That was a gutsy, gutsy play. Gotta give credit to Dantonio for having the stones to call that one!

My co-worker thinks the over under for the UM/MSU game is gonna be 80.

Smitty 2:08 PM  

I won't go that far, but your all-things-to-all-people QB is gonna start getting banged-up.

Andy 3:09 PM  

We'll see. Gotta catch him first. ND hit him hard, yet he still set records.

Smitty 3:18 PM  

Gotta catch him first.

Truth. You have Bowling Green and Fucking Indiana before Sparty. Our Linebackers better wake the fuck up.

Anonymous,  4:06 PM  


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