Pure Michigan: U of M Football

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I just couldn't resist posting this. Despite being an MSU grad, I have a great deal of respect for Michigan and will cheer for them against any school but mine. That being said, I have gotten a great deal of flak over the years from Michigan fans that never went to Michigan...or liven in Ann Arbor...or worked there...or had a relative that went there.


Bob 10:31 PM  

Love the pure Michigan ads and love the fake ones.

Ever get caught in Ann Arbor when a damn U of M game lets out?

NOT pure Michigan. It is Pure Hell!

I would love to live in Ann Arbor, but the dumbassses built the country's largest college stadium in the middle of a small city without freeway access.


Bob 10:31 PM  

I think we posted at the same time.

Smitty 7:51 AM  

I love that spoof ad. One of my personal faves.

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