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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

An armed man has taken hostages at The Discovery Channel's HQ in Silver Spring, MD. is providing updates as the situation unfolds.

A friend of mine works media in the DC area. He provided this pic of the gunman (note: he said it could be one of the plain-clothes detectives...).

And apparently these are his demands. He apparently wants us to stop having kids, and sees having children as polluting the planet. Fortunately, given that this guy really really dislikes babies, CNN reports: [Updated at 2:19 p.m.] The Discovery Channel day care has been evacuated to a nearby area, according to CNN affiliate WJLA. The day care had about 100 kids, WJLA reported.

Environmentalist gone nuts? And there seem to be conflicting reports about evacuations or not...


The police shot and killed him at a little before 5:00. They moved-in on him when he drew a weapon and pointed it at a hostage.


Bob 1:46 PM  

If it is a lefty, all environmentalists will be now be seen as potential terrorists. Sierra Club = Al Qaeda

Bob 1:49 PM  

If children/people are polluting the planet, should his contribution to the problem be a bullet in his own brain?

While I would not want to negotiate with terrorists, I will agree to the demand to have no more kids.

Smitty 2:02 PM  

all environmentalists will be now be seen as potential terrorists

They are. Wackos.

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