Bikers v. Westboro Baptist Cult

Thursday, June 02, 2011

This is a few days old, but I thought it was worth posting. The Phelps gang was going to protest Obama's visit to Joplin, Missouri. One of the Westboro nuts was confronted by a group of bikers and things apparently got pretty rough for him. The police moved in and tried to stop it from getting any more out of hand, telling the guy:

run you stupid mother fucker

Here is a video of the guy making a hasty retreat:


Monk-in-Training 4:55 PM  

While it is against my position of non violence, I did notice what a lovely view of my old campus that video contained.

I once did donuts during the winter on a parking lot very near there, back when I and my hair were one...

Utinam barbari spatioum proprium tuum invadant

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