Drill Baby Drill

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This article is why we will, as a country, continue our slide into 2nd-World status. From the article:

Japan’s ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis has spawned some rapid-fire developments for future energy production.
Shimizu Corporation construction firm’s research branch, CSP, unveiled a long-term planning project to install a belt of photovoltaic panels across the surface of the Moon. Power gathered from the 13,000 terrawatts of continuous solar energy the Moon’s surface receives daily would be beamed back to an Earth-based receiving station via microwave or laser transmission, where it would then be used to power public offices, hospitals and schools across the globe.
To make the process more efficient, the proposed plan includes building the LUNA RING’s solar panels on the lunar surface using local materials, rather than launching pre-built panels to the site.
Energy crisis in Japan? "Hey, let's harness the sun's power on the moon, using a global-cooperative approach! We all benefit!"

Energy crisis in America? Drill, baby, drill.

Seriously, where is the kind of forward-thinking from our own energy companies? And notice, it's not the Japanese Government thinking of this project. It's a fucking business.

We are so fucked. Our Galtian Overlords can't even come up with their own awesome projects. Must be because they are too hampered by government interference to think of cool shit.


Pete,  8:21 PM  

Wasn't it a part-Japanese company at the core of the Alien movie franchise? Just sayin'....

Smitty 8:24 PM  

I *knew* it, those crafty bastards.

Bob 12:32 PM  

I see nothing but vaporware.

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