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Monday, October 03, 2011

OK, I can take a hint.

The last several posts I've tried to toss up here of an intellectual nature have fallen flat.  Perhaps we're all stressed-out and tired from shennanigans at the national level.  Or perhaps the depth of these topics takes along time to research and form an educated opinion.

Or, perhaps, it's way over our heads and we just want to talk about beer.

If we want to be all intellectual, we can go to Streak's place and wax philosophical with a dude like Streak who's qualified to actually be intellectual.

Here, for now, let's stick with our true qualifications and discuss beer.

It's official!  The winners of the 2011 Great American Beer Fest Pro-Brewer competition are in!  And this year, the Big Winners didn't include a brewery I've heard of (beyond Firestone Walker Brewing Company in CA, which is a damn fine brewery).

I was a bit disappointed this year, in that for the past several years, Michigan has had a very strong showing.  Maybe The Man is worried that Michigan's surge in breweries is gonna topple the almightly Californians  from their top-of-the-heap roost, or maybe we just didn't bring our A-game this year.  But the few Michigan beers that won include:

  • GOLD! Mangalitsa Pig Porter, Right Brain Brewery (Traverse City); Category:  Experimental Beers
  • GOLD! Expedition Stout, Bell's (you better know where Bell's is); Category:  Aged Beer
  • BRONZE! Pin-Up Blonde, Bastone Brewery (Royal Oak); Category:  Belgian/French-Style Ale
  • SILVER! Cream Stout, Redwood Brewing Company (Flint); Category:  Sweet Stout
And that's it for the Mitten State this year.

Check out these fine beers at your local beer mecca; all but Right Brain enjoy pretty wide distribution, and Right Brain, though rare, can be found.

Congrats to Michigan's breweries, and though it seems Indiana, Illinois, fucking California and Colorado ran away with medals this year, we'll be back.


Bob 2:00 PM  

Should California always be referred to as "fucking California" from here on out, or only for beer-related posts?

When will Smitty's Maple Syrup Porter be at the competition?

Smitty 3:45 PM  

Should California always be referred to as "fucking California" from here on out, or only for beer-related posts?

Good question.

I love Stone Brewery, like, everything they brew, and my hands-down favorite IPA of all time forever amen is brewed by AleSmith in San Diego. And let's not forget North Coast's (Fort Bragg, CA) Brother Thelonius and Old Rasputin, each of which are murderously good beers.

I think it comes down to this: California's unbridled brewing and wine-making success have earned it the moniker "fucking," part from sheer jealousy, part from resignation over the fact that it will always be a great beer state, despite how well we do. Think of any Hall of Fame QB. Now think what all the teams that lost to that QB think all the time about that QB. That emotion. That emotion...is "fucking." Grudging respect. Jealousy.

Even if we somehow outdo CA some day, which in many cases we sorta do already (Bells and Founders, anyone?), they will still be "fucking California;" their success lives on.

Short answer: yes. California is here-ever-after fucking California.

George 3:52 PM  

We wear our "fucking California" proudly. It's much better than not fucking, at least.

Part of it is there are just so many of us (as consequence of all that f---king), so there are more of us to make beer and drink beer and love beer.

And trust me, all those medals going to the different Port Brewing Companies (all located around San Diego, but each has its own brewery and brewmaster) are well earned--they do great stuff.

Andy 3:55 PM  

When will we be seeing "Smitty's Own" entered into the contest? You will surely win gold as soon as you start brewing!

Smitty 7:27 PM  

Speaking of fucking California, I have added a new link to our "Beer Buddies" link list: George Eats!

George is passionate about food. He appears to enjoy...California. But most of all, he appreciates damn fine beer.

I am linking him because, honestly, he deserves it. He's been at our blog a long time. And nobody...nobody...writes about food, passion, love, and food quite like George.

Go check out his site. And then grind your teeth furiously every day that you don't live in fucking California and get to experience what George does as a matter of course.

I'll write a longer George article next, because he does a stint on radio too.

George is technically too good for our blog. You bastards.

Streak 9:13 AM  

Far too kind to me, btw, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with blogging about beer. When I read these lists, I am often reminded of the beers that we never get to try here in OK. I don't know that we get any Michigan beers, in fact. And that is a sad fact. I have had Bells, but only because I have relatives in Kalamazoo.

But, I push on. I have a Belgian Dubbel sitting in a secondary for another 3 weeks before bottling, and a Sierra Nevada Celebration ale clone in primary.

George 12:27 PM  

Wow! I've got a lot to live up to after that build up--thanks, Smitty!

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