Fuck It. Food.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I mentioned yesterday in a comment to my "Fuck It.  Beer" post that we have a top-notch foodie in our midst.  But it bears repeating and extra attention ought to be drawn to it.

Take a look at the "Beer Buddies" link list to the right.  You'll notice a new one:  George Eats.

George is a long-time friend of Around The Keg.  Unfortunately for George, long-time friend sometimes means someone whom you think of fondly but often just forget to check-in on.

Well, no more.  We're back to the basics here at ATK, and George hits one of our sweet spots (pun intended):  food.  George is to food (and damn good beer, wine and spirits) as this blog is to beer.  He cooks good food, knows all the chefs who cook good food, and has been bestowed a grand gift from his local Santa Barbara, CA news rag:  the mandate to write about all the good food he eats.  And not only does George write about food; he writes about it with interest and passion.  Lads, he doesn't just write about a plate of fucking pasta.  He damn near makes you want to fuck a plate of pasta.

Go check out his site.  And then gnash your teeth and shake your swords at the abyss that you don't live in fucking California and have the every-day access he has to culinary delights we only drool over on Food Network.  But it's OK; we can all eat vicariously through George.  He brings a dish to your senses without you even having to be there.

On top of it all, George is a radio show host, beer afficianado, live-music enthusiast and fellow part-time political hack.  George, in a nutshell, is one interesting motherfucker, and I encourage everyone who reads here to check him out.  Welcome to the blogroll, George.

(yes, I know I put this in the comments section yesterday, but I know at least 3 of you who are too lazy to click through to the comments page, let alone actually fucking comment)


Monk-in-Training 7:53 PM  

Well I see we have a more... colorful series of posts these days, should be educational.

I attempted to open George Eats, but my virus software blocked it.

:( any ideas?

Smitty 8:05 PM  

Try www.georgeeats.blogspot.com. Sometimes adding the "blogspot" bit makes a difference.

Bob 9:31 PM  

And now we will really crank up the comments with our next post:

"Fuck It. Bitches."

Monk-in-Training 5:20 AM  

Well, the blogspot is still blocked by my virus software... :(

steves 6:06 AM  

It is still fucking California.

That being said, I am glad I don't have access to too many culinary delights. Otherwise, I would be broke and weigh 500 pounds.

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