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Thursday, October 06, 2011

I love science. Besides for providing insight into even the deepest questions, a lot of the time science is just fun. The discoveries scientists uncover are often vastly entertaining.

Take for instance this lovely article I stumbled upon yesterday that for me was the perfect confluence of 3 of my favorite subjects: science, beer, and sex: Beetles Die During Sex With Beer Bottles.

From the article:

Besotted beetles are dying while trying to get it on with discarded brown beer bottles, according to research conducted by Darryl Gwynne, a University of Toronto Mississauga professor.

It's a case of mistaken attraction, because the beer bottles happen to possess all of the features that drive male Australian jewel beetles wild. They're big and orangey brown in color, with a slightly dimpled surface near the bottom (designed to prevent the bottle from slipping out of one's grasp) that reflects light in much the same way as female wing covers.

"Ha," we all think, "them bugs is so stupid!"

But it turns out, it is probably "men" in general that are so stupid:

As a result, the beer bottles are irresistible to the male insects

Who knew that the male of a species would find beer bottles irresistible?


Bob 12:01 PM  

Haven't your had this issue with bottles Smitty?

steves 5:45 PM  

I believe so.

Smitty 7:19 PM  

Totally. I'd never deny my odd sexual attraction to beer bottles.

Wait...that came out wrong.

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