H. Clinton in 2012? Why?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I don’t normally like linking to the Huffington Post, whose articles and guest columns, often drafted by celebrities, seem to just promote knee-jerk stereotypical opinions of the left. I saw this article linked by a bookface friend and had to make fun of the content.

It seems that Hillary Clinton supporters (AKA a cult.) are donating $20.12 to her to get her to run for president against President Obama.

Hey HCR-lovers: She lost!

Why would any legitimate progressive want her to run anyway? Because Obama is less progressive? I don’t think so.

Maybe it is not fair to judge HRC by her husband's policies, but it is a measure we cannot ignore. Let me remind her supporters that her husband (and HCR) was unable to get health care reform done. BC signed the repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act, which partially led to the banking crisis of today. He also promoted the anti-government policies of the Republicans, signed onto their welfare reform proposals and bought into the foolish, Wall Street-driven trade policies that have helped decimate the middle class. He also signed the “Defense of Marriage Act.”

As I have posted before, I cannot think of a single progressive policy he accomplished.

Let us also remind everyone that as it started to become clear she would likely lose the primary election, she started running the “white people will vote for me” campaign as a last ditch effort to pull it out.  Why the hell is she even Secretary of State?

If I want another Clinton in office, I will vote for Romney.


Mr Furious 10:15 PM  

Both Clintons are even more tangled up with the Wall Street crowd than Obama. And the DLC bullshit they made bank on while in office needs to stay buried where it is.

Big Dog's third way triangulation gave cover for the rightward shift this country is suffering under.

Bob 7:37 AM  

"Big Dog's third way triangulation gave cover for the rightward shift this country is suffering under."


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