EZ-Belief, Take 2

Monday, January 23, 2012

In the post below this one I provided a fun little flow chart to help find what religion you should be.  Ha!  Enjoyment!  Snark!

But then I read this article and wonder how Santorum fits on that flowchart.  Based on his comments and sentiment, I think we need to add a new string to it.



Bob 9:38 AM  

Since the chart does not include the question: "Are you a fucking self-absorbed, asshole who lives in leave-it-to-beaver fantasy land?" Sanorum does not fit in.

I think we need to create our own flow chart.

steves 4:40 PM  

I think this is a very touchy issue and it is clear from the tone of the author what their position is. I guess I am probably luke warm pro-choice. In other words, I am not personally for abortion, but I think that there needs to be some level of compromise. Unfortunately, this means I can see both sides of the issue.

I can understand that if a person is strictly anti-abortion, then a child that was conceived as a result of a rape is would also deserve the protection of the law.

Smitty 5:56 PM  


Seeing their point is one thing. We all see it. But even RTL (at least RTL-Michigan) is loathe to have an exception to the normal exception of rape/incest. Most *reasonable* pro-lifers are willing to make such an exception, and do, at least in the microcosm of our capitol here.

So, *seeing* their point doesn't mean it's valid. It's not. It is horrible, harmful, demeaning and tone-deaf.

So, yeah, the tone of that author is pro-choice. Yeah, compromise, blah blah. Santorum's position is an extreme position even from the position opposed to the author's, which in the author's bias is already pretty extreme.

So, applause for having the werewithall to see both sides. I would hope you see the extremity of Santorum's. I don't think you're justifying it.

steves 11:21 AM  

It doesn't really matter whose point is valid, at least in this argument. People believe what they believe.

I don't know what kind of compromise is possible, but in the end, it is probably best if there aren't any exceptions and people have access to legal abortions.

Bob 1:04 PM  

"I can understand that if a person is strictly anti-abortion, then a child that was conceived as a result of a rape is would also deserve the protection of the law."

A agree with Steve on this one. No matter what your opinion is over legal vs. illegal abortion Santorum is consistent in his beliefs.

Just yesterday, I read the blog post below. The author, who is vocally in favor of abortion rights, and who otherwise despises Santorum, thinks Santorum is at least morally consistent.

If we start with the understanding that those who oppose abortion think it is killing a child, then why is a child conceived by rape, less of a child? In contrast, those who say “abortion is murder” but then say it should be allowed under these circumstances are essentially saying that a child conceived through rape is somehow less of a person. If that child is born, are they less human and should be treated differently?

Again, the person who wrote the post is a feminist in favor of abortion rights. She is also a person who was conceived as a result of a rape.

Read here:

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