New Cold Activation System

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the wake of "cold indicators/activation systems" from Coors and Miller, which thankfully let us know whether or not our beers are cold enough, craft brewers like Breckenridge Brewery have had to follow suit to remain competitive among people who are challenged as to the coldness of their beer.

Behold:  the craft beer industry's new cold activation system!


Bob 12:39 PM  

Funny stuff. Damn gimmicks from the big brewers. How a bout making better beer?

Heard this morning that Coors Light is the most popular beer in America. Our Republic is doomed.

steves 5:00 PM  

What incentive do they have? If people are content to drink swill like Coors, why should they "fix what ain't broken?"

Smitty 11:00 AM  

What incentive do they have?


The bigger point here is that the Big Brewers aim for absolute consistency. They brew one product, over and over again, exactly the same way, decade after decade. So what do you do to make 1 single product seem more enjoyable? More different than what it always has been? Bullshittery; that's what. Twisty bottles and "cold indicators" and "triple hops brewed" nonsense.

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