Playing with Fire?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some time ago, I predicted an Obama landslide if Newt Gingrich were to be picked as the Republican nominee.  Is it just my bias playing games with me?   Would Gingrich be more formidable than I predict?

Today is the S. Carolina primary.  If FiveThirtyEight is correct, it seems Gingrich's embrace of the southern strategy is propelling him to victory there.

Am I crazy to hope for a Gingrich primary victory or am I playing with fire?


Smitty 10:07 AM  

Interesting question.

I sort of think that Mitt has been chasing Republican primary voters with his rhetoric. I sort of think that during the course of the general election campaign, he would show his - maybe - truer colors; his moderate positions on marriage, taxes, health care, etc (just look at some of his accomplishments whilst Guv of MA). I think he'd be pretty formidable. He'd be a viable option for voters looking for a reason to leave Obama without leaving some of the things he wants to do.

As for Gingrich: he starts crazy, he stays crazy. He won't moderate a single position because he thinks he doesn't have to. He pseudo-intellectualism will show its true spirit: warmonmgering, Christian-uber-alles, etc. He will, however, be a way better debater that Mitt, and that would at least be entertaining!

So ultimately, I agree with you, Bob. Gingrich is more beatable, and I might even foresee an election that breaks down along very racist and Christianist lines. Not from the candidates (well, one in particluar), but from the collective voices of their supporters (well, one in particular).

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