Iowa Caucus Prediction

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Very non-scientific prediction:

Iowa Caucus:

1) Ron Paul
2) Mitt Romney
3) Rick Santorum
4) Newters Gingrich


Bob 8:52 AM  

Oh well, guess I got that wrong.

Today some N. Hampshire primary voters will be waking uo and taking their first look at Santorum, which will lead to some very funny Google search results.

Smitty 10:35 AM  

And the shit show continues. Mittens wins, Bachmann doesn't understand that she didn't win, Perry figured it out and is trying to figure out how he can play Veep to a cultist like Mittens. Gingrich knows not to give up yet, Huntsman is betting it all on New Hampsire's hopefully less-braindead voters and Santorum isn't gonna change a thing, except maybe more quips about Mormans making him nervous.

steves 9:07 PM  

I think you did just as well as most of the "experts." I don't think Santorum has the money to put up much of a run.

Bob 8:13 AM  

I would really like to see Taliban Rick be the nominee. I wonder how women (99% of which use some form of birth control.) will respond to his postion that birth control, even in married situtations, is immoral and could be prohibited by the states.

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