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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kegs are a community endeavor. In the spirit of such a community of beer lovers, Around the Keg is expanding its contributors to allow the meanderings and baseless opinions of a few very trusted beer lovers.

So say hello and raise a pint to steves, robert and joel!


Joel 3:57 PM  

Awesome. I know nothing about beer and even less about politics. I think I voted for Pauley Shore in the last election. Well, everyone needs a niche, so I guess what I'll do is contribute a couple lines of dialogue that I found amusing over the course of the past week. Maybe that'll be my thing. Yeah, there we go... we all need a "thing."

steves 5:45 PM  

Being fairly 'right' on some issues, I'll help make this blog "fair and balanced."

Smitty 6:11 PM  

I always suspected a Fox News bent to you, steves.

Smitty 9:40 PM  

I know nothing about beer

Do you drink beer? Then you know plenty.

and even less about politics

Do you have shitty, unfounded opinions? Then you can very aptly engage in political debate.

You fit right in!

Mike 6:35 AM  

Hey! Cool stuff. I look forward to it.

steves 6:55 AM  

No, I meant I'd really be fair and balanced. All news is biased to some degree. People just need to get their news from more than one source. Fox is ok, but I also like NewsHour on PBS.

Bob 1:50 PM  


I hate beer.

I am a right-wing wine man.

Just kidding. The combination of all things beer and a fine discussion of liberal leaning politics is quite refreshing. (Pun intended)

Thanks for the opportunity Smitty!

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