Monday, May 14, 2007

Different from the movie whereby the "twins" looked nothing alike (is that paternal or maternal twins...I never remember), Sadly, No! has put a bunch of time into pairing wingnut mouthbreathers with some celebrity look-alike. Twins indeed. Some are uncanny, most are hilarious. Go take a look.

The winner in my mind? Michelle Malkin compared to Bat Boy of tabloid fame. Runner up? Vapid pseudo-liberal Susan Estrich = Eddie (the Iron Maiden mascot) or the Salt Vampire from M-113. I nearly fell out of my chair.


steves 6:45 AM  

I actually like Michelle Malkin. She is less abrasive than Coulter and usually make some good points. Susan Estrich was creepy. I don't know if I can ever look at Iron Maiden the same after that picture. Funny stuff.

My only complaint is that the captions appear to have been written by snarky 6th graders (or at least "trying to be" snarky 6th graders).

Smitty 8:27 AM  

I actually like Michelle Malkin. She is less abrasive than Coulter and usually make some good points.

You are on double-secret probation. One more misstep like that and you're off.

Seriously, less abrasive?? DO you read her blog or listen to her vitriol on the talking head shows? She's every bit as vile, misinformed and misguided as COulter. At least I get the impression Coulter says what she says for the same reason Howard Stern or Don Imus say what they do: entertainment, ratings and rage. I get the impression Malkin actually believes what she drools.

B Mac,  10:47 AM

Um... yeah.

Bob 1:02 PM  

My favorite separated at birth.

Some of our millions of readers have seen it:


steves 2:02 PM  

Umm, yes.

I suppose it is a matter of perspective. I wouldn't expect someone who leans left to like her. I can't stand Bill Maher, but when I point out some of his nasty comments, lefties just say he was being edgy and clever. The same holds true for James Carville, Jon Stewart, and Keith Olbermann. I just don't like them, nor do I think they typically make intelligent arguments. Hell, Noam Chomsky is pretty out there, but at least he can reason.

Coulter is a ratings whore, I'll give you that. I think she used to be a better wrtier, but somewhere along the line, turned into a shrill harpy. Obviously, it has paid off well.

I certainly don't agree with everything she says, but occasionally, she is spot on. I see her on some of the shows, though I didn't catch her on Chris Matthews, as he tends to be a tool. I don't have time to read a bunch of blogs, so I stick with a few that I respect (such as this one).

steves 2:14 PM  

I just spent about 10 minutes going over MM's blog. While I do not agree with all of her conclusions, I didn't notice anything all that nasty or mean. It was ceretainly more tame than the Huffinton Post, which I see closed down comments on the death of Jerry Fallwell after the majority of the posters couldn't contain their glee. I certainly didn't care for him, but gloating over the death of someone is 100% classless.

Bob 5:26 PM  

I was about to leave a classless post too. I guess that makes me only 50 percent classless..

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