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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Okay, my first "Dialogue of the Day" comes courtesy of the hit HBO show Entourage, which is one of my absolute favorites:

Vince: I think they're right, you're soft on her.

E: Oh yeah and you were real tough this morning Vince.

Turtle: You're both pussies okay? And this is the problem with having a hot lookin' agent.

Drama: That's the problem with hot lookin' women in the workplace in general. They should be barred because no man can say no to them.

E: You should run for President on that one Drama.

Drama: You can't run on the truth E.


Smitty 6:09 PM  

And that, sir, is the culminating line. You can't run on the truth...

B Mac,  9:30 AM  

I love that show. I just never noticed the political underpinnings.

Well done.

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