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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You ever just sort of sit there, pondering the state of affairs in which we live and, rather than look for solutions or, more likely, develop yet another coping mechanism, just say to yourself "this is all such a fraternity haze. It's just one big haze." Well, it is a haze. Where's the meaning? Where's the exhilaration? Where's the "making a difference?"

It is from this school of thought that I present today's dialogue of the day, more of a monologue, courtesy of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) in one of the greatest "what the hell does it all mean" movies of all time... FIGHTCLUB.

I see in Fight Club the strongestand smartest men who've ever lived.
I see all this potential.
And I see it squandered.
Goddamn it, an entire generation pumping gas.
Waiting tables.
Slaves with white collars.
Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes.
Working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.
We're the middle children of history.
No purpose or place.
We have no Great War.
No Great Depression.
Our great war is a spiritual war.
Our great depression is our lives.
We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd be millionaires
and movie gods and rock stars.
But we won't.
We're slowly learning that fact.
And we're very, very pissed off.


Colin 2:40 PM  

Gettin' a little click happy today Smitty? ;-)

When I sit back and look over the whole state of things, especially those in our nation... I start to think that we've come to far for reform. I start to think that the only answer is to rebuild...

and on a side note, my confirmation text for today is "eatsh", well I guess I know what think of my comment!

Rickey Henderson 3:00 PM  

Good quote there buddy. Fight Club is one of my top 10 fav flicks.

Smitty 4:11 PM  

Hey, Thomas Jefferson said we ought to have a revolution every 2 - 4 years. And he didn't mean a revolution of ideas or a change of thought. He meant get out in the streets and beat the shit out of each other.

steves 6:23 PM  

Well, it would certainly keep the gov't and politicians from taking us for granted.

Vote From The Rooftops

B Mac,  12:11 PM  

A think I can support that idea, but that would be pretty disruptive. Plus, people still like to elect their decision makers. Therefore, I submit a humble idea...

We elect the people who try to beat the shit out of each other.

Seriously, how much fun would it be to replace the legislative process with a Battle Royale? I envision campaigns being a lot like the NFL Draft:

"In the latest news from the Congressional Combine, Incumbent Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel improved his electoral status today by ripping off 32 reps at the 225-pound bench press. He also demonstrated surprising quickness by running a 4.55 second 40."

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