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Monday, August 20, 2007

Likely noting the absence of crazy hippie liberals in the blog over the last few months, Smitty has seen fit to name me a contributor. This should be interesting.

But I will save my pinko commie discussions (re: my belief that The Man is keeping me down, the social value of weed, Marx vs. Lenin- who would you rather?, etc.) for another day. For now, I'll just say that I'm glad to be here, especially I look at where some people are going to be spending the next few months...


Smitty 4:25 PM  

And we cover what I see to be the true spectrum of America with the addition of B Mac. We go from kinda right of center gun nuts with steves to total pinko bleeding heart fetus killers like B Mac. Or, in all seriousness, a bunch of pretty moderate dudes.

Andy 6:13 PM  

Wow, nice to fall in as a pretty moderate dude.

Dem fiscal conservative, socially progressive...

Looking forward to the debate.

Colin,  8:48 AM  

Hmmm, perhaps I won't feel so alone with my lefty leanings!

Still votin' Libertarian though!

Actually got into a very interesting discussion with a guy from Oregon while I was in the UP the other day. A guy I would've considered "total pink commie hippie". It's amazing how many people honestly believe that our Constitution was written to give our government the power to tell "it's subjects" what to do. And he claimed to be a liberal...

steves 10:15 AM  

How does that saying go? Republicans want to regulate everything that happens in the bedroom. Democrats want to regulate everything that happens outside the bedroom.

Pithy, but there is some element of truth. I don't see either party as being constrained by the Constitution. I may vote Libertarian, but they tend to nominate some of the most un-electable people. I wish they would drop the all-or-nothing approach and be more compromising. They could slowly get the country to adopt their positions. I guess I am more of a small "l" Libertarian...a libertarian.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 9:27 PM  

"...Dem fiscal conservative..."

Fiscally conservative? Doesn't that mean mortgaging the future with debt and spending tax dollars on causes that benefit the religious right and a narrow spectrum of corporate interests?

I know you aren't fiscally conservative. We had this discussion. You pay your bills and are responsible with money. You should be called "fiscally liberal".

"...socially progressive..."

Also commonly known as liberal.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 9:30 PM  

Oh, and good to see that Smitty has called in reinforcements. I am sorry I have been slacking. Hopefully I will get up to speed in my new job and be able to return to normal hours again.

Please tell the legislature to just stay home.

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