An honor, really...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Smitty has added me to his blog as a writer. It is an honor to join such prestigious authors.

I had a blog for a while, but realized I don't have enough to say to post every day. Smitty got it right, though. Bring in people to write on your blog as if you were at a water cooler or standing "around the keg" and fun conversations will happen. So, thanks for letting me babble here a while.

I will have lots to spew off about - sports, politics, government, gaming, whatever else comes to mind.

I look forward to the chatter...


Smitty 11:36 AM  

I will have lots to spew off about

Nothing of any fucking value, though.

Welcome to the blog!

steves 11:40 AM  

Commence spewing.

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