Love Song Stupidity

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So I was listening to the radio, and heard some song where a guy was singing to his girlfriend Delilah and I realized - love songs are always about the guy getting the girl. The songs are never about after the guy gets the girl. They are about a small part of life where you chase, and ignore the rest of life. They are false advertising.

It was something like:

Hey there Delilah
I love you so much
you are so great
we are so great together
blah, blah, blah

But you never hear the song:

Hey there Delilah
You left the damn dishes in the sink
go change junior's gross diaper
no, I won't go to the store because the game is on

Love songs only give 1/2 the story!

Just a random thought...


Andy's Ol' lady.,  9:58 PM  

Oh Andy...

you are such a romantic.

Now go rinse out my bras in the sink BITCH-BOY!

andy's ol lady's friend,  7:43 AM  

Yeah, and then bring me some pie!

B Mac 9:25 AM  

That's why us un-married guys have it good. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. No woman controls me. I am my own man.

But please don't tell my girlfriend about this posting. She'd kill me.

Colin 9:42 AM  

I hear ya B Mac! I can do what I want! When I want! How I want! Where I want! I'm in control!!

Unless my girlfriend says no.

George 10:10 AM  

Andy, here's a great song by Amy Rigby that gets to the heart of things, and from the women's viewpoint, too.

Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again? (Amy Rigby/Sherry Rich)
from Til The Wheels Fall Off

Life’s become a great big list
Of things to do and buy and fix
At night we pass out before ten
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

I looked for your id today
Seemed that id had gone away
Ain’t been used since who knows when
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

We used to be triple x rated
Look at us now, so domesticated

What happened to babe and stud?
Too much KFC and Bud
I shout it out into the wind
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

Come here baby, scratch my itch
Or I’ll show you one mean ass bitch
I’m so tired of acting Zen
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

Screw making love
It’s way too ambitious
Let’s get down on the rug
After you finish the dishes

Not now hon, the eggs are frying
But you get extra points for trying
Maybe I can squeeze you in
Between the PTA and CNN
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

Andy 4:01 PM  


I didn't even know my old lady reads this blog. One more thing to censor, I guess.


(Bitch Boy? That's a new one)

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 10:51 PM  

"That's why us un-married guys have it good. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want..."

...except have sex.

Ha Ha.

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