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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


cash advance

Thanks to a link over at george's place, there is a nifty little widget that indicates the reading level it takes to read your blog.

Proudly, we achieved "postgrad" status!

I attribute our vaguely-advanced reading level to the amount of times the words "beer," "drunk," and "sorority girls" appear in this blog.

Actually, I can't think of one single time any of the contributors here ever included "sorority girls" in a post. However, one intrepid contributor did indeed include the phrase "fresh cod, gay weddings, and Ted Kennedy's urine" in a post. All in the same sentence. That's how we roll here.

And let's not forget the "Brewing Extravaganza" episode.


Mike 7:02 AM  

I hope very much that I've done my part to lower the education level of this blog through some form of sophmoric discourse.

If not, let me help: fart, tits, ass.

B Mac 9:36 AM  

Gentlemen, I have good news!

Somehow this discussion of sorority girls and farting has boosted the level of the blog to "College (Postgrad)"

Smitty 10:09 AM  

HA!! It did!! I will update the post right away.

Congrats, gentlement! It was Mike's fart, tits, ass and b_mac's poop that surely put us over the edge.

This is too funny.

By the way: I checked Hugh Hewitt's blog and RedState, 2 very popular neocon blogs. Their reading level? Junior High.

Clearly, they need to talk more about beer, sorority girls and gay weddings.

Sopor 10:21 AM  

I never did done go to no college school yet... I don't know if I can read this no any more

Smitty 11:42 AM  

Careful, Colin. If you keep typing like that you might yet again increase the reading llevel of this blog.

Sopor 11:58 AM  

That be what me hope for!

So are you saying that Hugh Hewitt and the authors of RedState went to school with our illustrious Pres?

B Mac 2:32 PM  

Rarely is the question asked: is our bloggers learning?

Childrens DO learn when reading AtK...

George 2:41 PM  

WV: aysdoky

Which I can only think is assy-dokey.

Hehe, I said ass.

(That should help you.)

Smitty 3:00 PM  

See george? Even our word verifications are helping us!

Mr Furious 12:04 AM  

I'm "Elementary-Level".

Are you shitting me?!?

Mr Furious 12:04 AM  

WV: "fudboo"

Smitty 9:46 AM  

Yeah, Mr. F. You totally got robbed. Your last several posts have been cogent, well-constructed missives. Our last several posts have included all of the aforemention phrases. Yet somehow, we get Post gard."

Look at it this way, Furious: everything you needed to know you learned in Kindergarten.

The rest is just so much poop.

Rickey Henderson 11:12 AM  

Smittty: congratulations, and don't cast your back on the occasional dick joke. Mike left that one out.

Bob "Chief Beer Brewing Extravaganza Advocate" 9:46 AM  

I am going to take the contrarian view from the above comments. If you think about it, this blog contains some pretty heavy language with a discussion of many important global events and public policy.

There are enough German and European beer references to make it look like we are bi-lingual. Such as:
“eisbock”, “Hacker-Pschorr”, “K├Âlsch,” “Dubel”, “Tripel,”.
Plus phrases like:
“Mayor of Munich who declares ‘O'zapft is!’(Bavarian: ‘It’s tapped!’).”

A quick scan also indicates high-minded phrases such as:
"…Ottoman Empire in WWI, a genocide. Turkish foreign policy advisor Egeman Bagis has responded by saying…”
“Suffice it to say, Ahmadinejad is a dickhead…”
I think the “Ahmadinejad” reference, not the “dickhead” part, raised the reading level at least one year.

There are heavy scientific terms, such as: “cellulosic ethanol” and “embryonic stem cell research”.

We discuss hybrid cars enough to make a quick automated scan by the Blog Readability Test assume that not only are we writing at post-grad levels, but this is a blog actually authored by college professors. (They are the ones buying hybrids aren’t they?)

We have a regular discussion of politics, with many references to world-wide events:
“Australia endured its worst drought on record. Hail storms across Europe damaged crops…”

Don’t forget, we have a pretty regular debate on the merits of tax policy:
“Speaking of disingenuous, the Small Business Association of Michigan proclaimed their support earlier this year for a Fair Tax. This is an 8 or 9% tax…”

Yes, we sprinkle in various references to asses, tits and of course all things beer, but if we took ourselves so seriously while discussing the many heavy topics we debate, we would in fact be college professors and not the everyday Joes that our 1.3 million readers enjoy everyday.

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