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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that there is sheer gluttony at the Smitty In-Laws house today; turkey, 2 kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries of various man-made and/or natural variations, white-trash church banquet green bean casserole (that kind with the cream of mushroon soup and the crunchy onion topping), assorted pies, etc. etc. etc.

As I reflect on the day I am about to embark upon, I was reminded of this post from a "regular" over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, which is a decent blog, by the way. It's his itinerary for Thanksgiving. And you may find it surprisingly accurate...

At any rate, have a great thanksgiving. Allow me to leave you with this commercial. It's funny because that size of turkey is roughly how much it takes to feed my brother and I on thanksgiving. Thanks for all the turkey, mom!


steves 11:38 AM  

I was thankful that I didn't have to eat turkey this year. I will admit that I have occasionally had a good turkey, but most are just so bland an boring. Fortunately, the other stuff, such as stuffing, pie, mashed potatoes, and white trash green bean casserole make up for the turkey. This year we had roast beef, which was really good.

I am not much of a traditionalist, when it come to things that don't taste all that great. I remember one year, my mom put the turkey in the oven and never turned the oven on. We ended up eating pizza, which was just fine by me. Another tradition I am glad to see gone is lutefisk. If you have never had it, go read the wikipedia entry. It is as bad as it sounds. I hate to say it, but Nordic food, for the most part, is not all that good. How often do you see Nordic restaurants? This is a god clue. I remember lutefisk a few times as a kid, but we have failed to keep this going.

steves 11:39 AM  

Oops, I meant good clue, not "god" clue, though I am pretty sure God doesn't want people to eat lutefisk.

Smitty 10:56 PM  

That looks so amazingly unappetizing that I actualy want to try some.

Kinda like "Holy crap. This reeks. You gotts smell this." Like that. That's why I want to try some.

Bob "Chief Beer Brewing Extravaganza Advocate" 11:52 AM  

I am not much of a turkey guy either, but this year got stuck cooking it for both my parents and Mrs. Bob's parents.

A friend of mine, who is now attending culinary arts school in NYC, told me to brine the Turkey, which I had never heard of. I made a concoction of water, Kosher salt and spices and soaked the Turkey in about 3 gallons of the stuff for 12 hours. The turkey came out very juicy, a bit salted and otherwise very good. I normally cannot eat white meat not slathered in gravy, but this did not need it.

My family usually eats Turkey for Thanksgiving, Turkey for Christmas Eve, and Turkey for Christmas Day. Since I am also now responsible for Christmas Eve, we now eat prime rib.

As far as eating the foods for your ancestors:
There is no way I am eating haggis. Ever.

Sopor 3:53 PM  

Y'know Bob, I gotta go w/Smitty on the 'gotta try it' thing, I've always wanted to try haggis! Perhaps after brewing school...

Well I won't even tell ya all where I just got back from Thanksgiving from (*COUGH8 Ft Myers Florida *COUGH*) but I was glad to have a Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner (as my family could think of some crazy substitutes...), along with ham to feed 20 people. I don't know if the turkey was Brined or not, but it was good. I never eat the white meat though, it's all dark meat for me!

Honestly though, I don't care what meat I have as long as it's a more traditional meat, and I get all the Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Redneck Green Been Casserole, Pumpkin Pie and Cranberry Sauce I can get my hands on. To me, all the fixings are more important that the meat!

Mr Furious 1:17 PM  

My in-laws have, in the past, sported no less than three turkeys at Thanksgiving—one deep-fried, and two traditionally cooked (one brined, one not)

Deep-fried kicks serious ass by the way. Most people end up choosinfg that as the favorite as it is never dried out.

Much smaller affair this year hosted by the Furiouses in Ann Arbor. Just nine of us, so one turkey did the job.

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