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Monday, November 05, 2007

So I'll keep it short.

Here's a picture of the new Smitty Family purchase.

Yes, it's a Chevy Uplander. A minivan. Oh ye Gods, a minivan. But we love it.

Why, you ask, through gnashed teeth, whilst shaking your fists at the sky. Why on earth would such an awesome family like the Smitty family enjoy the purchase of a minivan?

Because Mrs. Smitty and I are thrilled to announce that this coming May, we will be expecting TWINS!

As for now, we are calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2. We won't know the gender until January-ish, and while the doctor sees signs of their being identical twins, we won't know for sure without a blood test after they're born.

Smitty Jr. is looking forward to 2 new hockey enthusiasts joining household. Mrs. Smitty and I are thrilled for more indentured servitude 12 more years down the road.


B Mac 3:22 PM  

Congratulations, Smitty clan!

Sopor 7:03 AM  

"THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!" Oh wait, that was "UP"-lander...

Congrats Smitty! Always good to see some more future beer geeks one the way ;-)

Smitty 8:20 AM  

Thanks Colin, and welcome to AtK as a contributor!

Bob "Chief Beer Brewing Extravaganza Advocate" 11:19 AM  

Holy crap. TWINS! That will be a handful. I cannot handle my two year-old let alone twins +1 older.

As long as "identical" means identical to each other and not identical to Noah, the kids will be fine.

In all seriousness: Congratulations!.

Bob "Chief Beer Brewing Extravaganza Advocate" 11:22 AM  

Which car did you trade-in the Impala or the Vue? Does this mean you are driving the van?

My wife wants a damn minivan too. The only reason I am considering it is because I can get a Chrysler discount, they have a lifetime drivetrain warranty and they just dropped their prices.

Mrs. Smitty,  11:37 AM  

we traded in the Impala, I still has her Vue. Although Smitty keeps offering to switch vehicles. If I have to carry thing 1 and thing 2, I get to keep my car =)

Bob "Chief Beer Brewing Extravaganza Advocate" 1:42 PM  

You have to hand it to a guy who has enough confidence in his manhood to drive a minivan.

I just couldn't handle a mini being my daily driver. I am sure they ride and handle much better today, but the last one I drove made my pick-up feel sporty.

Oh, i will have to eat my words one day as a growing family will make the usefulness of the minivan unavoidable...dammit.

Congrats Mrs. Smitty.

BCarol 7:55 PM  

Congratulations!!!! Hmmmm, twin girls I think both will be so stunning and well designed that you will never sleep again until they are both married. It is all about Karma Baby!

Smitty 9:40 PM  

THe way I see it, bcarol, is that karma wll give me two boys to assure that this particular lifetime's karma is totally shot. I will come back in the next life in such a way to pay me back.

joeing,  10:31 AM  

I continue to chant my ancient Egyptian gender spell every morning, with you in mind:





Soon, you too will know what TRUE consternation is.

they will grow up to be super hot teenagers who never listen to a word you say! MUUUAAHAHAHA!!!


you will have boys trolling around them 24/7!! You will have to brandish firearms to keep them away!!


Rickey Henderson 11:56 AM  

Smitty: Mazel Tov!

How do you say "may your first child be a masculine one!" for twins?

Sopor 1:31 PM  

You'll have to forgive me, I need to hijack the comment thread to test my updated profile, woohoo!

steves 7:32 AM  

We got a minivan two years ago. I am sure at one time I vowed to never get one, but I honestly could care less about owning a 'cool' car at this point in my life. If it is comfortable, gets reasonable mileage, and is safe, then I am happy. Once you start having kids, the only other option is a large SUV. With gas at $3.19/gallon...no thanks.

Rickey Henderson 12:00 PM  

Seriously, get a station wagon. Car companies still do make station wagons, they just don't call em that. They're called cross over vehicles or something goofy like that.

George 4:22 PM  

Congrats! (On the twins, the van not so much, but I understand)

Andy 5:28 PM  

That is so awesome. When you expand the clan, you do it in style!

I also think that you will be blessed with twin girls. Karma and all. But I am not chanting like Joel. If Joel gets too close to Jen, though, he can probably ensure that it is girls. Something about him.

Good luck with the new cars and new cribs and new clothes and everything.

And just two more for a hockey team, unless mom and dad hop on the ice with the kids!

Bob "Chief Beer Brewing Extravaganza Advocate" 4:58 PM  

"Smitty Jr. is looking forward to 2 new hockey enthusiasts joining household. Mrs. Smitty and I are thrilled for more indentured servitude 12 more years down the road."

12 years? You can throw them out at 12 now? Damn. I thought I was in it for 18.

Mr Furious 12:19 PM  

Congratulations Smittys!

Minivans are indispensible. Doors that open wide before you get to the car...you can reach straight in to buckle the kid in without straining your back or cracking your head...Wide open space in the back for cramming tons of stuff...tha ability to jump back from the front passenger seat if necessary...

We drive our Odyssey around with the rear seat folded into the floor most of the time. But it's always nice to know capacity is expandable...

We've had the van for five years now, and it has been great. When it's time to retire it, we might opt for a Vue or CRV, especially if hybrids version are an option.

leighton 8:27 PM  

Off topic: what do you Michigan folks think of this bill? It seems pretty appalling from a distance, but I have no idea what the local landscape looks like.

On topic: that's a sweet-looking minivan. Take that with a grain of salt, since I have never been cool enough to understand the phobia of minivans. But I like it.

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