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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fom over at george's place there appears to be another silly little meme running around.

The goal appears to be to find 5 phrases in various posts in your blog that when you google them actually make your blog the first search result.

So here's what sets Around the Keg apart and above all the rest. It's a proud, proud list:

1. large-ass megalopolis
2. October-Long Oktoberfest
3. The head is a behemoth perfection
4. a sordid tale of sex and betrayal at a beer festival
5. massive-beer-geeks

And those, my fellow keggers, are what set us apart from all the other blogs. Sex and betrayal at a beer festival, month-long celebrations, head, huge cities and beer geekery. I am bummed, though, that the phrase "brewing extravaganza" did not include this site. We must try harder, people.


George 11:34 AM  

Anybody can have a sordid tale of sex and betrayal, but it takes ATK to set it at a beer festival. Congrats!

Colin 1:28 PM  

Brewing Extravaganza? I think we can get the term Brewing Extravaganza in there! All we have to do is all sign with "Join me at the Brewing Extravaganza" on every comment, and we'll have so many uses of Brewing Extravaganza that there's no way Brewing Extravaganza won't list Around the Keg first!

Brewing Extravaganza

Brewing Extravaganza

Ok... more seriously, do comments get indexed for the search?

B Mac 1:48 PM  

It appears that "doled out shame like candy at Halloween" works, too. Which is impressive given the fact that we just passed Halloween.

Brewing Extravaganza.
Brewing Extravaganza.
Brewing Extravaganza.

Rickey Henderson 3:15 PM  

Rickey prefers this beer blog over all the other beer blogs because of the sprinkling of politics and pop culture talk that occurs periodically.

(Rickey has no idea what meme is by the way).

Smitty 3:28 PM  

Believe us when we say, Rickey, that the various contributors to this site are thrilled with your confirmation that we are indeed a good site.

Mike 5:43 AM  

Massive beer geeks about sums it up, doesn't it?

Smitty 9:57 AM  

You guys wrote "Brewing Extravaganza" enough so that AtK is #4 on the list when you Google that phrase. Almost there....

And Mike, we are proud to include you in our collection of "massive beer geeks." Takes one to know one.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 2:50 PM  

In addition to "Brewing Extravaganza", how about we also proclaim it the "best damn beer site" or other excellent descriptors.

For now,

In Brewing Extravaganza excellence, in the name of Brewing Extravaganza, yours truly, in Brewing Extravaganza, join me at the Brewing Extravaganza,


Mike 9:13 AM  

And Mike, we are proud to include you in our collection of "massive beer geeks." Takes one to know one.

If you didn't include me you'd be receiving a letter of protest.

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