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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I ran across this article while on a website that features good stuff happening in Metro Detroit. Metromode is an awesome internet magazine that shows all the really cool stuff happening in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. They are the anti-Detroit News and anti-Detroit Free Press. They don't report on the bad stuff, they report on the good stuff (and yes, there is tons of good stuff!). And they have a distribution list of about 600,000 people.

This week, they did an article on why Michigan is better than other states with beer brewing. This is probably all stuff that Mr. Smitty and many of you already know, but it is cool that the media is picking up on it as something that makes the Detroit area and all of Michigan a better place culturally!

(and, FYI, they do a Lansing version called Lansing Area Capital Gains that is awesome and I recommend all in the Lansing area to read!)


Sopor 3:31 PM  

Nice article! It's good to hear that there are news outlets out there that don't dwell on the negative all the time. It gets to the point where you don't think anything good is going on in the world.

Smitty 3:34 PM  

That was a really fun article. Thanks for sharing, Andy! I know a bunch of the people in that article too from brewing and judging, so it's fun to see them in their 15 minutes!

The cool thing is that this is a hobby the wife can love. Unlike collecting old cars or something along those lines, this is a hobby meant for sharing. She gets to drink the product, and even when brewing, enjoys the smells.

ALSO...tomorrow...the premier of ATK's first video beer review!!

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