Obama: not letting up on terror

Friday, January 23, 2009

For those who thought Obama would be soft or weak on terrorists, this ABC News story would indicate otherwise. The President is continuing a controversial bombing campaign against Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan. Good for him, I say. Pakistan has seemed to have only made half-hearted attempts at dealing with the Al Qaeda operating from their country. This was something he said he would deal with, so it is nice to see him following up on a campaign promise.


Bob 10:41 PM  

Pakistan has been getting off pretty easy.

I love how several blogoshpere wingnuts are trying to say we are all going to get killed by terrorists due to ALL of them being let out of Gitmo by Obama.

Newsflash folks: 524 were let out under the Bush administration. Obama is just saying we are going to figure out what to do with the last 200 or so.

steves 11:12 PM  

Yeah, and it not like they are just going to let them out the front door. Some will hopefully be tried and there are a number that, because of security concerns, will not be let go.

B Mac 12:01 PM  

I agree Steve... Obama was pretty clear during the campaign;

"I reserve the right to blow up terrorists anywhere, including Pakistan when Pakistan won't act. Suck it, Pakistan; you don't want to mess with this."

(Okay, I made that up.)

Bob 2:02 PM  

Is that one of those aged photos of Obama?

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