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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bear with us...technical difficulties...&$%&*^*%^* YouTube...Coming shortly...


Nowhere on the Youtube site does it say anything about video length limitation. Apparently, you have a 10 minute limitation on the length of your videos. You don't get to find this out until you shoot, edit, and upload a 15 minute video. Then, and only then, does the site tell you that your "video [is] rejected (length of video is too long)." Then you have to do a help search for that phrase, and THEN YouTube tells you it's too long.

There are 150 pages of complaints about the fact that 1) it's bullshit that video length is limited, especially when everywhere you look on You Tube, there are thousands of videos over the 10-minute mark; and 2) it's even more bullshit they don't tell you until you try to upload a longer video THAT YOU WORKED VERY HARD ON, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

So, I will have to RESHOOT my &*%&^%(*) video tonight when I get home, and post tomorrow.

Unless someone out there has another solution (the video upload on Blogger has a 100 MB limit; my video is about 300).....


Sopor 9:52 AM  


Yay Youtube! What's it doin' to ya this time?

Andy 10:56 AM  

Bummer. I didn't know about the limitation. Sucks to figure out that way. I am looking forward to the video review, though!

Sopor 11:47 AM  

Maybe try this?

Don't know the details yet, just found this in a google search...

Pete 12:26 PM  

Can you post a transcript?


Red, White and Brew,  12:34 PM  

15 minutes? How long are you going to blather on?

Its beer for gods sake. Just let me know if it will cut my cotton mouth and move on.

Smitty 1:16 PM  

15 minutes? How long are you going to blather on?

Ha ha, Mr. you-know-who-you-are. Verrrrrrry funny.


Joel 2:28 PM  

Words of commiseration for your experience followed by an innocuous and blandly encouraging comment in order to give the impression that I thought long and hard about this, when, in reality, I'm just trying to keep up appearances! (Exclamation point added for effect!)

Smitty 3:19 PM  

Words of commiseration...

Is that like "Title of the Song?"

Rickey Henderson 9:08 PM  

can you host on google video? or hulu?

Mike 7:38 PM  

Damn Smitty. That sucks. I feel your frustration.

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