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Friday, January 16, 2009

Around the Keg beer reviews will be going Audio!

Let's face it; since the holidays and since becoming a partner in my firm, blogging regularly is tough enough, let alone finding time late Thursday night or first thing Friday morning to type up an eloquent beer review is sometimes pretty hard, especially given that I am barely literate. It takes a long time for me to look up cool words in my otherwise Oswald Bates-ian Thesaurus.

So, as soon as the appropriate equipment is purchased and installed, beer reviews and discussion will now be broadcast!

Stay tuned, and thanks for choosing good beer.


Bob 3:08 PM  

Partner at the firm? Sweet!


Sopor 3:45 PM  

Yea no shit? Partner! Awesome! Congrats!

Smitty 3:58 PM  

Thanks, guys!

Joel 10:01 PM  

You lazy fuck.

Rickey Henderson 8:45 AM  

Congrats buddy! Audio beer reviews sound terrific, BTW.

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