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Friday, May 29, 2009

Unbelievably, I only had three beers this week, all of which are beers I have either reviewed here before or are so common that a review would be redundant. Well, that's not entirely true...I did polish off a 6-er of Guinness 250 last Saturday, and I have reviewed that beer before, so I will amend my statement to say that I have had three kinds of beer this week, not just three.

Plus, my brain has writers cramp.

So instead of a full-on review, we'll just have a little beer fun today. Like we're out on a patio on this sunny Michigan mid-70-degree Friday, shooting the shit and quaffing beers.

First, how you hold your drink says something about you (at least according to the BBC). Since I see myself as any one of three different examples given in the article at any given moment, I think I need psychiatric help more than anything. You?
Next, what do you know about beer? Take this quiz from over at MSN and match wits with the fellow keggers here at ATK! For my part, I got 8 out of 10. One I had no idea and another I had an unlucky guess.

Links within links: This press release from the Brewers Association includes a brief discussion of the "best" kinds of beer to drink in the summer. Big surprise: wheats, pales, lagers and saisons. But a linkl leads you to a web site about season beer pairings with the right kind of food. Pretty cool...but then I stumbled across this link, which is a full-color table listing 28 kinds of beer, what foods to pair them with, appropriate glassware, serving temp, etc. Way way way cool. Print it off and hang it on your fridges.
Still at work? Play beer pong. All of the fun, none of the too-sloppy-drunk-to-drive-home!

I know it's put together by the macro-breweries, but Here's To Beer is an entertaining and interactive site that burgeoning beer geeks may enjoy. At the very least, it has lots of pictures and things to click, which seems to suit beer drinkers well.

It's Friday, folks. Enjoy the beginning of the weekend. I know that this evening I am grilling salmon on cedar planks, and I'll enjoy it with some fine saison. You?


Bob 9:30 AM  

I got 6 correct. Not bad, but my ancient history of beer is a little rusty.

Mrs. Smitty,  10:04 AM  

I beat Bob! 7 on my quiz - pretty good for a girl

Sopor 11:34 AM  

I got 8 out of 10... I got the ancient history parts right, but which state had the most breweries and why we switched to six-packs stumped me!

I love the serving chart!

Sopor 11:37 AM  

But wait... the serving chart PDF is locked so you can't even print it! GRR!!

Smitty 2:23 PM  

Sopor, I got exactly the same quesitons wrong: why 6-packs, and most breweries. I picked MI!

Jay 9:41 PM  

Well, I didn't try the beer quiz, for reasons that are obvious to those on this blog who know me. But I did play the beer pong game, and could not help but think of this while playing:

pong ringers

steves 6:53 AM  

7 out of 10...not bad.

B Mac 5:20 PM  

7/10 = Me gusta.

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