Father of the Year

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last week, on April 30, my twins celebrated their first birthday. I was remiss in putting up a blog post for several reasons, but I should have anyway. So...here it is now.

Happy birthday, Jacob and Dominic!


steves 7:48 AM  

Belated birthday wishes to the boys! Good job pops!

Bob 8:37 AM  

If I could be father of the year, I would need no other kudos for life.

George 12:02 PM  

Go twins! Maybe they can share the Supreme Court position?

Sopor 1:14 PM  

They totally look like best buds checkin' out some hottie babes on the other side of the playground.

tap,tap"Nah dude, check HER out!!"

Congrats to all the Smitties big and small!

Mike 6:38 AM  

Happy Birthday to the Smitty twins.

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