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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am an active reader of this blog, and I usually contribute with politics or sports. So here is my first post to this blog dealing with beer. You all are the experts, so I usually just read this with interest.

But, over the weekend, I went to a very cool micro-brewery that had some great beer and I wanted to report it to you all. You may have been there already, but this was my first time there.

I went to Shorts Brewing Company in Bellaire, MI. It was awesome. They had a huge selection of their own beers (maybe 25 or more) and I sampled 4 of them. Bellaire Brown, Pontius Road Pilsner, Huma-Lupa (very hoppy IPA with a lot of flavor) and another I can’t remember. It was very good. They had all kids of Michigan Brewer magazines and stuff, and I understand that they had won some awards a few years ago. I also understand that they have 4 beers that they bottle and sell and you can get at Oades.

The place was very cool. It had all these beers and served food. We went Sunday night, and the place was packed. Bellaire is not a big village, but it must draw people from all around in northwest Michigan (Antrim county). It also must have drawn a significant number of cottage people who were there for the Memorial Day weekend. At 8:15, a local band came on and they were really good as well.

My wife and I purchased a growler (1/2 gallon) of the pilsner. We can bring it back over and over and have it refilled for $4. We will be going back there whenever we go to her family cottage. Her brother and sister-in-law have been going here for years, since it first openend.

Anyway, if you are going to Shanty Creek or are up north for any reason…stop into Shorts for an excellent micro-brew with great selection!


Sopor 1:51 PM  

Hear hear! Short's is an awesome brewery, totally top-notch stuff. And $4 growler refills is CHEAP! Totally cool =)

Smitty 3:33 PM  

You will find, Andy, many fans of Short's brewery here on ATK. I love Huma-Lupa, and I love how he is not afraid to try weird stuff. Great brewery IMO. Distributors should carry way more of his stuff.

Andy 7:52 AM  

I figured this was nothing new to the faithful ATKers. You all are experts, after all!

But this was a new experience for me, and was an unexpected jewel in Bellaire (of all places!).

Smitty 11:14 AM  

That's what kill sme about that place that it's in the middle of friggin NOWHERE. I mean...who'd every think that BELLAIRE would have a world-class brewery and be able to sell off-the-charts stuff like a beer brewed with beets to a "small-town" crowd??

A gem indeed. Now here's the bigger question: did you bring me back anything??

Andy 2:53 PM  

I brought back a growler of the Pilsner, and would be happy to share with you! We have to open it in a week or two, then have 72 hours to drink it all. Not a big problem, but you are welcome to partake!

Sopor 12:25 PM  

Some growlers may last a week or two Andy... but my personal rule of thumb is three days before opening, and then 24 hours after opening.

With a lighter, more "delicate" beer such as a Pils... personally I would try to drink it within 2 days of getting it.

Anonymous,  3:46 PM  

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