“You Give Me a Water Board, Dick Cheney and One Hour, and I'll Have Him Confess to the Sharon Tate Murders”

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never thought I would quote Jesse Ventura, but what the hell.

Jesse Ventura, former Navy SEAL, former Governor of Minnesota on CNN's Lary King Live:

“You Give Me a Water Board, Dick Cheney and One Hour, and I'll Have Him Confess to the Sharon Tate Murders”
Funny stuff as linked from LLPN: video here.


Smitty 8:35 AM  

The other quote that actually matters in that interview: "I have been waterboarded...and it is torture."

B Mac 2:17 PM  

Smitty, why do you hate America? It's "enhanced interrogation", not torture.

Much like pushing a guy out of a plane is "freefall encouragement", and standing outside in a rainstorm "increases odds of dampness".

From a partisan point of view, I'm fine with Dick Cheney saying whatever he likes. The guy has an approval rating somewhere between athlete's foot and puppy kicking. Republicans are simply picking the wrong battles; Cheney v. Obama, Limbaugh v. Colin Powell...

Popularity Fail.

Smitty 2:32 PM  

Popularity success among S & M fetishists.

steves 5:44 PM  

I always wondered in Cheney was somehow involved with the Manson Family...this cements it.

Republicans are simply picking the wrong battles; Cheney v. Obama, Limbaugh v. Colin Powell...The Cheney v. Obama battle is just so lopsided it isn't even funny, though I haven't seen Obama say that much in response (I have been pretty busy, so I may have just missed it). As for Powell v . Limbaugh, this isn't the same at all. As much as I dislike Limbaugh, he certainly enjoys a much larger audience than Republican-lite Powell, who many consider a RINO. Personally, I don't care for either of them, so I am not really all that interested in this fight.

George 12:35 PM  

Obama did make some Cheney jokes at the dinner the other night: something about him working on a book entitled "How to Shoot Friends and Interrogate People."

B Mac 2:27 PM  

As much as I dislike Limbaugh, he certainly enjoys a much larger audience than Republican-lite Powell, who many consider a RINO.IMHO, people discount RINOs and DINOs too quickly. Regardless of your personal feelings about General Powell, tell me he isn't EXACTLY the kind of person the Republican Party needs to succeed; strong on defense, moderate on social issues, not a huge fan of big government. I'm not saying he would be the ideal Republican candidate, but you can't convince me that the GOP can recover if they can't appeal to voters fitting that description.

The GOP leadership has turned into a circular firing squad of the highest order, and they're going to drive away a huge portion of the rank-and-file.

Rickey Henderson 3:25 PM  

Rickey would prefer to see Ventura put Cheney in a full nelson.

steves 6:22 PM  

I could do a very long entry on what I htink the Republican party needs to do. It obviously needs to appeal to the center, but if they just come across as being like a moderate, then what will distinguish them from the Democrats and why vote for them?

Rickey would prefer to see Ventura put Cheney in a full nelson.I was thinking a pile driver would be more fun to watch.

Mr Furious 11:28 PM  

Why waste time with a full-nelson? Skip straight to backbreakers, figure fours and the Boston crab.

Bob 7:38 AM  

"It obviously needs to appeal to the center, but if they just come across as being like a moderate, then what will distinguish them from the Democrats and why vote for them?"I agree with this. When Democrats tried to appeal to moderates in the 1990's they came across as weak, fake R's. Who want's to vote for a fake, when you can vote for the real thing? R's have to reduce the crazy and appeal to the center. Thing is, if Obama starts balancing the budget in a few years and starts coming across as fiscally responsible, what will the R's have left to run on?

steves 8:29 AM  

Bob, you are correct. They have to establish a coherent, consistent, and appealing platform that will appeal to a majority. Reagan did this and Bush II kind of did this. They also need to find someone with a little charisma, which is something they have done a very shitty job of in the last few decades (e.g. Bob Dole, John McCain).

Balancing the budget and being fiscally responsible will help him with many voters, but there are still many other issues. Unfortunately for the GOP I haven't seen any solid leadership coming from them, nor have I seen a really charismatic leader.

B Mac 10:42 AM  

When Democrats tried to appeal to moderates in the 1990's they came across as weak, fake R's. It's a tough needle to thread, but the GOP does need to appeal to moderates. If a party's "core voters" can't get them more than 49% of the vote under the best of circumstances, you've got four choices:

1) Convince the party to shift to the middle,
2) Convince the populace to shift to the right,
3) Convince the populace that they ARE farther to the right than they think, or
4) Surrender to a temporary status as a minority party, in hopes that time or circumstances will bring the country back your way.

The GOP seems to be taking Door #4, at least for now.

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