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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From the guys over at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Nachos, I got clued in to a recurring bit on the Conan O'Brien show about his executive producer, Jordan Schlansky. Jordan is the height of metrosexuality and pretension and Conan eats it up.
The web site Warming Glow sums these segments up perfectly:

Schlansky enjoys Tuscan food, fine wine, the band Rush, ballroom dancing, and shaving his chest. He first appeared in a “Late Night” segment during the writers’ strike last winter, which led to Conan taping a segment in which they had dinner together, which finally led to last night’s segment.

I don’t know, maybe I’m alone in this, but there’s some kind of magical comedic balance between Conan’s utter zaniness and Schlansky’s total self-seriousness that makes for compelling, hilarious television.
Rather than my posting the 3 videos here, just follow this link and go watch them. It is somehow amazingly compelling television to watch this total self-important straightman bust on himself by simply being himself, and watch Conan explode all around this walking sea of tranquility. Solid belly-laughs for Hump Day.


Bob 4:25 PM  

The dinner piece is the best.

"...had the opportunity to go down to the wine cellar..."

""Where you were raped!"

Rickey Henderson 8:59 PM  

Funny shit. "This is not a healthy cereal--there's a cartoon bee on the box!"

I need to start watching Conan again.

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