Happiness is...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

...thinking you have a near empty pantry and no beer in the refrigerator and then discovering a Bell’s Consecrator Doppelbock at the back of the fridge.

It’s a miracle.


Smitty 9:58 PM  

Yeah, that's happy fun time Bob.

So is the beer I am just about to post a review for.

But Consecrator Doppel....yeah, that's happy.

Bob 10:11 PM  

Alas...its gone.

Sopor 12:24 AM  

Hmmmm... Consecrator. GOTTA love it...

Anybody have any insight as to what the f*&^ is up with the disagreement between Bell's and the Michigan Brewing Guild? Would love to know what is going on there... and I only have rumors to go on.

Bob 7:17 AM  

I am betting Smitty has insight.

Smitty 7:37 AM  

As it has been told to me, simply put: Larry thinks he doesn't need them and that they offer him nothing. Seeing as how he has nation-wide distribution and is one of America's largest microbreweries, he kinda has a point. However, there's something to being a team player.

The only rumor of substance has to do with political affiliation in the the MBG wanted to start to get involved in legislation and Larry didn't think it was necessary or appropriate. Heard that a few times, but don't know if it has any real substance.

Sopor 11:26 AM  

Interesting... I've been told many a times by many a brewers that Larry is an asshole. Having the view of "I don't need you so screw you" kind of supports that... I mean Founders could do without the MBG too, but why would you disown all your brother breweries in the State?

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