Friday, July 03, 2009

Resigning is no way to pad your resume Governor.



Mr Furious 12:24 AM  

She's not padding her resume, she's padding her cell.

Smitty 1:57 PM  

This is an incredibly stupid move. I saw a quote from her. She is laving because if she leaves the Governorship, she will have plenty more time to travel the country, which she wants to do because she is "having such a positive impact on people."


Also, she stated something along the lines of not wanting to be a lame duck Governor. That's even more lame. Bob and I remember Governor Engler. He was hard-core pulling strings and twisting arms right up until 11:59:59 on December 31.

The Dems have already written all of the releases: Palin will leave you half-finished.

Mr Furious 3:41 PM  

Incredibly stupid because she thinks this will enhance her political future and she is WRONG—she just killed her career.

Or, incredibly selfish because she decided she doesn't care about her obligations.

I prefer to think of her as stupid AND selfish...

steves 7:37 PM  

This does seem pretty puzzling. Most here don't like her, so I have been trying to read up on posts from her supporters and they don't have anything beyond guesses and speculation. I can't see how it would help her, but maybe she just got sick of all the shit that kept happening.

Bob 3:44 AM  

"...but maybe she just got sick of all the shit that kept happening."

But maybe she is a dumbass.

Mike 6:41 AM  

All I can think is that this was some sort of deal she cut with prosecutors/investigators who were on the verge of opening a huge investigation. Maybe indictments were coming.

The deal may have been resign now and we'll close the investigation.

B Mac 8:16 AM  

The deal may have been resign now and we'll close the investigation.

Uh oh... Looks like Mike will be spending some time in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

Andy 12:20 PM  

I agree that there is something else going on. Most politicians love being lame ducks and not having to answer to the voters.

I bet she fades from the national scene. It is easier to run for President as an elected official (Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, etc.) than as a former elected official (the dude who was the former governor of Arkansas...what was his name?).

There is no good reason to do this at all...

Mr Furious 1:28 PM  

Are they fucking kidding with that lawsuit bullshit?

They don't have a fucking legal leg to stand on. Is that lawyer her brother in law or something, because he is a moron.

B Mac 2:32 PM  

Senor Furious, I'm with you 100%. First of all, from my understanding of libel law, there's no way any sort of action like that could prevail.

But beyond that, the move itself was stupid. It's called the Streisand Effect, which Wikipedia defines as what happens when "an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information backfires, causing the information to be widely publicized." By threatening a lawsuit against anyone who makes Accusation X, and sending that threat DIRECTLY to the media, you're just begging for Mainstream coverage of even the most obscure conspiracy theories.

B Mac 2:42 PM  

And yes, for the record, I am suggesting that there is a chance that Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska resigned because she was under pressure from federal investigators. For crimes. Illegal crimes. Committed by Sarah Palin. For which she was about to be indicted. Criminally.

Your move, attorney for Ms. Palin...

steves 3:38 PM  

Don't worry Mike. As you well know, you won't go to prison as the result of a civil defamation suit. As for the merits of the suit. From my limited understanding of that area of the law, it does have merit. This understanding comes from zero practice in that area, only studying for the bar exam.

She needs to show that she was harmed, which shouldn't be all that hard. Second, as she is a public figure, she needs to show malice on the part of the entity/person she is suing. This would be the difficult area, but certainly not impossible. I saw a legal panel on some show today that was made of people that do this kind of work. While some questioned the wisdom, most said there was probably enough there to make it to trial.

As for the wisdom of these threats. I am not sure. On one hand, there is the above mentioned Streisand Efect. On the other hand, the media seems to enjoy all sorts of bullshit theories when it comes to Palin. It is not like they have been all that nice to her up to now.

Ms. Henderson 6:08 PM  

But don't you people get it? She's above playing political games such as serving her duly elected term as governor!

Despite the fact that she seems more and more like Perot, Rickey is still completely terrified of this witch and what she represents.

Mike 5:15 AM  

Mike will be spending some time in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

Hmmm. Now why is it that I'm not digging that image?

(Doesn't make me a homophobe, does it?)

B Mac 8:34 AM  

Doesn't make me a homophobe, does it?

Only if you don't laugh at this.

Bob 8:46 AM  

Correct me if I am wrong, because I am not lawyer, but I understand that it is near impossible for a politician to sue for defamation or libel and win.

B Mac 9:34 AM  

Correct me if I'm wrong...

Based on my limited knowledge of the area, you're basically correct. The bar is higher for public figures. As Steve mentioned, they have to prove intent, which is awfully difficult in a situation like this. It may survive a motion to dismiss, but the odds of an actual trial win for the public official are pretty slim. Thanks are due to Mr. Larry Flynt on this one.

Beyond that, a case like this would, at BEST, produce a Pyhrric victory. Think the RIAA cases; large, powerful entity attacks the little guy for something we all do from time to time. When you add the Streisand Effect, you're looking at a bad strategy.

But then again, Sarah Palin + Bad Strategy = Average Tuesday.

Mr Furious 12:18 PM  

Public figures and politicians in particular have a much higher bar to clear. And no one in question has actually done anything beyond acknowledge that there are rumors—which is indisputable fact. They are not claiming she is guilty or even accused of anything, just that there are rumors of wrongdoing or investigation.

She's a self-obsessed moron, and her lawyer is blowing smoke up her ass.

It's even worse than the baseball players who threaten to sue Canseco for naming them as steroid users, and then backing off because they're actually guilty or have no case.

It's all a bluff.

Mr Furious 12:19 PM  

Smitty, check your gmail.

steves 2:19 PM  

If she won (and that is a big IF), I wouldn't call it a Pyhrric victory. It would depend on who you asked. She is a very polarizing figure. Her supporters see her as being unjustly attacked and would probably be happy seeing some obnoxious blogger and the MSM get knocked down a peg. Her detractors are going to hate her no matter what she does, so that leaves the so-called middle.

I don't see most people feeling all that sorry for the media, who are experiencing all time low approval ratings. I think a lot would depend on how the trial went. If people believe the media was just making shit up then I doubt they would have much sympathy.

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