Dads and Sons

Monday, July 13, 2009

If the guys out in ATK-land are anything like me, their relationship with their Dad isn’t always the easiest. My 71 year old Dad is a great guy. He taught me patriotism, civic duty, a good work ethic and many of my morals. Unfortunately, we are a little too much like each other, which can sometimes strain a relationship. The things we talk about are fine, which includes our common interests in home improvement, cars, woodworking, etc. That said, there aren’t too many fun activities around those otherwise superficial interests that allow Dad and I to hang together.

I am not attempting to turn ATK into a male version of We Television or The View. Instead, I am looking for some recommended father and son activities that you and Dad (or Mom for that matter) might have done that would make a memorable trip or event.

Any suggestions?


Sopor 12:18 PM  

My father and I are both into fast cars. But not in the American Muscle/Nascar/Drag kind of way (though he is in to a degree, having come of driving age in the mid-1960s), but more so in the tight-handling fast accelerating kind of way. For example... my father owns a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata. Not the fastest car in the world, but light and turbo-charged... I would challenge you to find any car anywhere NEAR it's price range that is faster and handles better.

Anyway... an extension of this passion is Rally, rally-cross, auto-cross etc... racing. My dad has taken his Miata out in an Auto-cross event or two, and back in the day used to do Rally-cross on the frozen Saginaw bay in a Saab Sonet.

So, this October, my father and I are driving to Houghton and Calumet where we will be watching the Lake Superior Performance Rally in the Keweenaw Peninsula. This will include a 2-night stay at the Michigan House Cafe/Red Jacket Brewing Company.

This is the kind of thing that my Dad and I like to do.

steves 12:38 PM  

I remember watching the Press on Regardless Rally as a kid, so it is nice that they are still doing those kinds of races up there. Where are they running that race? Have you ever stayed in Calumet before? Keweenaw Brewing Company is pretty good.

My Dad and I used to enjoy hunting together, but this has declined because it is difficult to find land to hunt on and he has trouble tolerating the cold for long periods of time.

Smitty 3:54 PM  

Actually, my dad and I have a great relationship. Our strain came in high school and shortly thereafter, but that's pretty normal.

Canoe trips. He loves canoeing. We bought Isaac (Smitty Jr.) a toddler life jacket (straps under the legs too so it doesn't slip over their head or neck), and go canoeing. My dad loves to show Isaac all there is to see, and Ike reciprocates by being adequately fascinated. I paddle, and that's fine by me. Lots of great canoe landings and trips in Ingham county.

Sopor 5:31 PM  

Steves, never stayed in Calumet specifically, though I have been in that town a lot. My traditional family vacation was a week or two in Skanee or Chasell and lots of exploration all over the UP.

I've never seen any of the POR, but my Dad has seen it many times, Looks like it actually ran up to at least 2008. Some good info:

I've been to Keweenaw Brewing Company a few times too, both their pub in downtown Houghton and their production facility in South Range. Got a personal tour of the facilities, very nice. Their cans are pretty regularly available now around here too.

Joel 3:23 PM  

Baseball. Dads and sons and Baseball. That's all I got.

Rickey Henderson 12:32 AM  

I'm with you Bob. I was at my closest with my dad when we were reading the Sunday paper together.

I definitely second the baseball idea. Brewery tour being a runner up. Maybe a hike if you guys are the outdoorsy types.

Or you go the other way and seek out something that neither of you have done before. A museum trip. A vineyard tour. Finding two hobos and forcing them to engage in hand to hand combat. That sort of thing.

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