Timmy G and the Housing Crisis

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I really miss Mike's commentary on the economy and especially his take on Geithner's machinations. Hopefully, we can expect something from him when things settle down at work. Until then, I saw this on the Daily Show and thought it was pretty good.

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B Mac 4:00 PM  

Me gusta.

Bob 4:28 PM  

The stupid thing was paying $1.6 million for a 4 bedroom in the first place. At some point you need to say: "Hmm, maybe this house isn't worth $530 a square foot." I don't care what neighborhood it is in.

B Mac 4:46 PM  

Even after the housing kaboom, there are places in the country where buying that house will still cost you $1.5+ million. Hell, there are areas in Ann Arbor where that house would cost $1 million.

Bob 9:24 PM  

"Hell, there are areas in Ann Arbor where that house would cost $1 million."

That would be really dumb considering there is awesome housing in A2 for $250K.

B Mac 11:41 AM  

Oh, agreed. I wouldn't BUY those million dollar houses (you can get much, much better value near Saline or Scio Twp), but if you've got your heart set on some neighborhoods in Ann Arbor (Kerrytown, Burns Park, etc.), you're gonna have to pay out the a$$.

And should you decide to sell, there will be buyers. Why? Because Ann Arbor rocks.

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