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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I wish my history profs taught like this. I would have paid way more attention in class instead of trying to read now all the history books I missed then.

At any rate, from our good friends at Cracked:

5 Reasons Our Founding Fathers Were Kind-of Dicks.

Actually, reading this article now gives you a good sense of who and where we are today. We haven't changed much since 1775.

My favorite is #2: The Colonists Were Crazy. After getting Britain into the French and Indian War, after Britain never really worked to collect taxes, after they agreed not to collect certain taxes, we kept at the bastards.

The best, though, is reason #1: They Stirred Up Religious Bigotry to Get People on Their Side.

To be fair to the asshole teabaggers, there were a few legitimate reasons to hate Great Britain but, to be fair to history, the colonists didn't really choose any of those reasons. They picked greed and bigotry.
We are nucking futs. Anyway, it's a fun read, if not quite informative!


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