Why are we still considering giving money to these guys?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The contractor in question is Blackwater, now called Xe Services. Let's look at their impressive resume:

Massacre 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians.

Shot the VP of Iraq's bodyguard

Shot and killed Akram Khalid Sa'ed Jasim and shot his 3 month old sister in the face and other various family members.

Shot Maulood Mohammed Shathir Husein at Baghdad University.

Shot Husam Hasan Jaber who was driving his taxi in Baghdad.

Almost beat Safeen Hameed Ahmed Qadir to death?

Murdered Khalis Kareem Ali Al Qaysi who was 65 who committed the crime of being in a car near a bunch of cold blooded Xe thugs.

There are other incidents and problems with them. I have no problem with contracting out certain services, especially if the contractors are doing a good job and saving taxpayer money. I just don't understand why we keep going back to a group like Blackwater/Xe.

I have not been much of a fan of Carl Levin, but I am glad that he is questioning this contract and calling for an investigation.


Rickey Henderson 7:49 AM  

Wow, you restrained your anger on the subject far better than Rickey ever could. Rickey has no idea why Obama hasn't ordered a review of this despicable leftover from the Bush administration.

Smitty 9:20 AM  

Wow, you restrained your anger on the subject far better than Rickey ever could.

This is why I haven't responded to this piece yet. I just can't without sounding unhinged.

steves 9:39 AM  

I guess I am just too surprised that this is even being considered.

Bob 10:56 AM  

Just as a point of clarity:

A company submitting a bid does not equal "being considered".

That's not to say that it ISN't being considered, but it isn't the same thing. My department works in state procurment and receives bids from all types of companies, many of which never see the light of day.

steves 11:04 AM  

Good point, Bob. I think Levin wants them to be barred from making a bid and wants them investigated for setting up a shell corporation to get a $25 million to train Afghan security forces. I tend to agree with Levin. Based on past performances, they have no business competing for a contract.

Bob 11:32 AM  

"I think Levin wants them to be barred from making a bid..."

Hopefully that can happen. Michigan does not have the ability to debar a vendor. (Prevent from bidding.)

Mr Furious 12:29 AM  

If you don't support Blackwater, you support the terrorists.

Ask and talk show host or Republican politician—he'll tell you.

(word verification is missing one letter: woring)

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