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Monday, August 30, 2010

Readers of Around the Keg, it has happened. Our entire reason for being...everything we work so hard for here, with the reviews and links to beer and so forth; it is all at long last justified. Our toil. Our tears. The ridicule we take. It's all been worth it.

Why Do Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers?

Loyal readers, it appears that Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research shows that moderate drinkers (defined as 1-3 drinks per day) outlive non-drinkers. However, the paper shows that, though only slightly, heavy drinkers tend to outlive non-drinkers as well!

I personally like to credit our collective collectiveness, sociability, relieved stress, lower blood pressure, higher HDL (the good cholesterol, found in decent quantities in darker beers) and overall wonderful senses of humor that we've worked so hard on here at ATK.

From the article:

All that beer, yet so slender and fit!  
But a new paper in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research suggests that — for reasons that aren't entirely clear — abstaining from alcohol does actually tend to increase one's risk of dying even when you exclude former drinkers. The most shocking part? Abstainers' mortality rates are higher than those of heavy drinkers...

But even after controlling for nearly all imaginable variables — socioeconomic status, level of physical activity, number of close friends, quality of social support and so on — the researchers (a six-member team led by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin) found that over a 20-year period, mortality rates were highest for those who had never been drinkers, second-highest for heavy drinkers and lowest for moderate drinkers.
Slainte, mazel tov, cheers and bottoms-up, gents. I personally am gonna work on adding a few more years to my life span tonight!


Monk-in-Training 5:12 AM  

While the Sacred Scriptures in this passage I quote mentions wine, the sentiment I think is the same...

Sirach 31:27
Wine is very life to human beings if taken in moderation. What is life to one who is without wine? It has been created to make people happy.
Feasts are made for laughter; wine gladdens life

Many additional years my friend! ;)

Bob 8:03 AM  

Could you find a better photo? My gaydar is going off.

If beer leads to a wider wasteline, I cannot see that extending my life.

Smitty 9:01 AM  

Could you find a better photo? My gaydar is going off.

Because Bob is insecure about his manhood, I changed the pic. Is that better, you fucking homophobe?

Many additional years my friend!

And to you, my friend! May your kegs know no bottom.

Bob 9:24 AM  

"Is that better, you fucking homophobe?"

I think I deserve that.

Monk-in-Training 4:54 AM  

It's the love I see here that attracts me to this site... :)

Smitty 8:06 AM  

It's the love I see here that attracts me to this site... :)

Only people this close to one another can heap this much disdain and ridicule. I don't call Karl Rove a "fucking homophobe" to his face. But Bob? Totally.

Streak 9:41 AM  

Isn't there a passage from Proverbs about giving beer to those in anguish? Or something like that?

Maybe my browser showed a different picture, but I am not sure what the problem is. She seemed quite happy and healthy and I stared at the picture for quite a while to make sure.

Bob 11:14 AM  

Maybe my browser showed a different picture, but I am not sure what the problem is.

Smitty changed the picture. It used to be a couple of shirtless dudes with beer.

Monk-in-Training 11:42 AM  

Ah Smitty, the joys of friendship! While I might chose a somewhat less colorful metaphor, it is nice to see. :)

And yes, Streak, the Scriptures are full of joyus things!

Proverbs 31:6
Give strong drink to one who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress

Monk-in-Training 11:43 AM  

Oh, and BTW, being celibate, I didn't even NOTICE the picture. ;)

Streak 12:21 PM  

Oh, now I am up to speed. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I was trying to figure out why that picture made me gay.

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