Can't Wait to Smell the Sawdust.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This has nothing to do with beer or politics, but we here at ATK sometimes delve into hobbies and home improvement, and I cannot help but giggle like a school girl at my latest purchase - I new big-ass table saw capable of cutting darn near anything I can throw at it.

Don't let the store brand fool you, this is the same saw sold by several other brands, but Craftsman sells it for hundreds less.  I have rediscovered Sears and have been eyeballing this saw for a few years.  It went on sale this week, so I ordered one up.

Anyone want to help me get it to my basement?  It will arrive in pieces, but in total weighs close to 500 lbs, so takes two guys to move it.  I pay in beer - good beer.


steves 2:03 PM  

I'll be glad to help. Just say the word. There is nothing wrong with Craftsman. My FIL, who build his own house and probably owns well over 10 grand in various tools, buys Crafstman.

Bob 7:30 PM  

For a awhile in the late 90's and early 2000's some of the Craftsman handheld power tools sucked relative to the DeWalt's and Porter Cable tools people were buying. Now, I think they have caught back up, or others just aren't worth the premium name any longer.

sears also has THE best return policy. I know a guy who had an inexpensive table saw fall off the back of his truck and smash to pieces. He went the Seats to BUY another one. As he was chatting with the sales guy, he was asked if he still had what was left of the saw. He had the pieces in his truck. Sears took the leftover scraps and GAVE him a new saw.

Smitty 8:13 AM  

Bob, you had me at "beer."

I have always liked Craftsman. Sears seems to bend over backwards to either fix or replace anything, sometimes to their own detriment.

My brother, who builds things for a living, owns Milwaukee, DeWalt...and Craftsman.

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