Rickey? Helloooo?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Once again, I have to bring out the milk carton.

As fans might have noticed, “Riding with Ricky” has once again gone missing.  It has been since August since we last we saw a post over at RwR.

Again, visitors to the site are now greeted by a page stating that it has gone private.

The last time this happend, Rickey was in the process of buying a house, so to avoid the risk of being redlined out of his chosen neighborhood, he went private.

Rickey may be up to no-good again.  Maybe he is interviewing for a job?  Maybe he needed to move again?  Maybe the in-laws discovered his blog?

Your guess in the comments.


Smitty 7:50 AM  

I think Rickey is a spy.

That trip he took to Honduras? That was no honeymoon. That was a job.

I think Rickey has taken another job, and I worry that he has gotten himself into a bind, much like James Bond.

But also like Bond, the wiley Rickey will surely get himself out of this, take some time in the Riviera to let his vicious wounds heal, and get back to blogging soon.

steves 1:16 PM  

I think he was arrested trying to smuggle some counterfeit Viagra out of Turkey.

Bob 3:50 PM  

"I think he was arrested trying to smuggle some counterfeit Viagra out of Turkey."

Or maybe the real stuff into Turkey.

Mr Furious 12:12 AM  

He's gone Galt.

Smitty 7:44 AM  

He's gone Galt


Rickey Henderson 7:40 AM  

Well if by "GALT" you're referring to the Greyhound Adoption Leage of Texas, then yes, you're spot on Mr. F.

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