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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ah christ, you people are too much.

Where has Rickey been? Whither the great one? Certainly, this nagging question has caused many sleepless nights for all of you. What could possibly be more fulfilling than impersonating a crazed former baseball player?

…Well, as you know, it is election season and let’s just say that those potential voters aren’t going to intimidate themselves.

In all seriousness, the big reason RwR is on hiatus is because Rickey’s work responsibilities have recently expanded and he now holds a position which could be jeopardized by gossipy coworkers who perchance stumble across his profane little blog. (Yes Smitty, you were spot on—Rickey is a Honduran hitman. The dental plan is shockingly good).

The good news? Nobody out there knows jack shit about THIS blog. So Rickey’s officially taking refuge here. For the immediate future, ATK shall be Rickey’s new roost. A brand new venue for all things political, alcohol, and fellatio related. In other words, a blank slate ripe for defecation (and mixed metaphors!). Prepare to reap the whirlwind, gentlemen.


Bob 8:03 AM  

Wooo hooo! Welcome aboard.

While we are excited to have you, I am a little disappointed that you are coming here because nobody actually reads our shit.

What did Smitty once call us? The blog equivalent of a circle jerk?

Smitty 8:10 AM  

The blog equivalent of a circle jerk?

See? This is what I am talking about. We had intelligent political discourse and social commentary among just a few of us. Rickey is here for all of one single post and we're right back to drunkenness and circle jerks, booze and endless dick jokes.

God I missed it. Welcome back, Rickey.

Rickey Henderson 8:17 AM  

Fret not Bob, Rickey will be holding seminars shortly on how to increase your blog traffic via exciting new technical advances in mindless spamming and porn hyperlinks!

steves 8:56 AM  

I am just glad you are ok. My co-workers have no idea about his site, nor will they. I believe there is some company policy on blogs and social networking because of HIPAA and other various privacy laws.

Rickey Henderson 11:57 AM  

I am just glad you are ok

Heh, what?!

Uh, yes Dad, Rickey is fine. But the car is totally trashed. Sorry about that.

Monk-in-Training 12:13 PM  

I look forward to being illuminated by your succinct and insightful political and social commentary! I am virtually certian I will learn many things...

This blog has been a wonderful model of a welcoming and generous community, to me!

While my personal commitment to nonviolence precludes taking up being a hitman (of whatever nationality) I can't help but be a tad envious of your dental plan.

Br. James Patrick

† Pax Christi

Smitty 12:37 PM  

I look forward to being illuminated by your succinct and insightful political and social commentary!

I can't. Stop. Laughing.

Rickey Henderson 3:03 PM  

Why hello there, Mr. Monk! Rickey assures you that he will delve into a wide range of topics that a man of the cloth such as yourself will surely enjoy and profoundly benefit from!

Tell Rickey, what are your thoughts on "The Rusty Trombone"? Feel free to google the phrase so we can get the ball rolling and sidestep any possible ignorance you might have on the subject. Because that would just be awkward.

(Smitty, please tell Rickey that this dude isn't a legit monk).

Jay 4:08 PM  

I'm afraid I have some bad news for Ricky...

Smitty 5:51 PM  

(Smitty, please tell Rickey that this dude isn't a legit monk)

Hoo boy. Uh, ya, Monk is indeed...a monk.

That said, he comes to this blog often enough that he has built a bit of an immunity to, say, gratuitous, flagrant and pointless uses of words like "fuck" and "douchebag."

I believe that the phraseology and subject matter Monk encounters here helps him understand better those he ministers to. So...ATK is like a public service!

Monk has been a welcome addition here. He is insightful and more kind than we deserve.

Also, given this blog as it was *before* Rickey, with your tenure here we need a priestly figure more than ever...

Monk-in-Training 5:59 PM  

Technically Ricky I am a Gregorian Friar, but Monk will do well enough. You know, Poverty, Chasity, and Obedience, etc...

I have to say the trombone reference was quite new to me (Google was stunningly enlightening), but I will let you fellas discuss that amongst yourselves. :)

Yes, Smitty is correct, I hear plenty of colorful metaphors among the homeless and those in jail, to whom I minister, so I have long ago learned not to get my ecclesiastical robes bunched in a knot over something that is so minor.

I ran across this blog via an Oklahoma friend (I am in Tulsa) and have enjoyed the company ever since.

I remain your humble servant,

Br. James Patrick

Bob 8:03 PM  

Oh Rickey, Rickey, Rickey.

How you have trashed the only thing good and pure here at ATK.

I am so ashamed.

steves 6:34 AM  

MIT has already shown a high degree of tolerance for a variety of things. I doubt Rickey will scare himoff.

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