Another Stupid Caption Contest

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

For all 6 of my readers: a caption contest! I found this gem of Bush receiving a gift from the Embassador from Ireland. Slainte!


Smitty 9:26 AM  

Will de President be liking to take dis package back to de White House, den? And never mind de tickin'.

Bob 10:41 AM  


"Dah first bush I have had in mah hand since, since... well, since before da twins were conceived."

"It's da first weed I have had in mah hand since the last Skulls reunion."

Thrillhous 11:02 AM  

The president graciously accepts Ireland's contribution to the coalition of the willing.

Smitty 12:10 PM  

Perfect, TH. Perfect.

Mike 12:09 PM  

Excellent. This'll be perfect in a year or two for one a' them brush cutting pictures they get a' me at the ranch every summer . . .

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