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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I am totally bummed that Joe Schwarz, a man whom I admire greatly, lost in his primary against a far-right Christian fundamentalist. It is not a complete surprise that he lost, given that his last victory was in a 5-way field, which narrows the margin you need to win. But I thought that being an incumbent would have given him an edge, on top of the fact that his messages resonate well with Michigan.

But Primary elections usually draw only the "true believers" who are so driven to vote. It is a drag, and Washington lost a great voice of reason, independence and responsibility.

But Joe Lieberman lost, so I guess all is not totally gone and sorrowful.

For other Michigan results, check out this site. A few other surprises, but for the most part, the November General Elections have just been decided.

Consider this, for all 5 of my viewers (I am up 3), an open forum on the Primary Election in Michigan. Whatchya got to say?


Thrillhous 11:28 AM  

I feel for y'all. Nothing to add, but what I said over in comments to Otto's post at our house: dems in CT and GA kicked out reps they thought were out of the party mainstream, while the repubs in Mich seem to have gone for the most extreme guy they could find.

Otto Man 11:39 AM  

Some may paint this process as both parties going to their base's extremes, but it's important to remember that our "extreme" is in keeping with the public mood (on Iraq, domestic issues, etc.) while theirs is further and further over the edge. The more the GOP embraces these nutcases, the more they drive moderates into our arms. Great.

Thrillhous 1:14 PM  

Very true.

Smitty, you got any local dope on Renier?

Smitty 1:45 PM  

The Schwarz race is being billed in MI as the death-knell for moderate Republican politics; you're either a far-right fundamentalist Christian or a Democrat.

If by Renier, you mean Sharon Renier, the farmer who is running aganist Walberg, Lansing sentiment is that she has very little chance. As easy as it was for Walberg to paint Schwarz an "Outrageous Liberal" it will be that much easier for him to do it to her.

It is a solid R (70% +) district, and Sharon as run before and lost badly. Sacrificial lamb.

Michigan's hard-core Rs are going to come out for this eleciton to 1) beat Granholm via Dick DeVos (more on him later); 2) support a ballot proposal to end affirmative action policies in Michigan; and 3) support a "Taxpayers Bill of Rights" proposal called the Stop Overspending (S.O.S.) proposal...which has done SO well in Colorado.

So with extra crazies hitting the polls this year, guys like Walberg (rural religious hard R) will sail to victory. The only consolation is that it will help Dems in Oakland County (exurbia) as Rs move too far to the right for the average exurban voter. Sorry Sharon.

B Mac 2:07 PM  

I called a Schwarz victory the entire year until last night. I was very wrong, and it's too bad. I think he was too good of a guy for a nasty primary like this.

I campaigned in the 7th in 2004, and I saw Sharon Reiner regularly. And I like Sharon. But she runs a very organic (no pun intended, as she is an organic farmer), grass-roots type of campaign. A campaign like that doesn't beat a political machine with a huge advantage in base. Congressman Walberg; this is gonna be bad.

Other than that, it looks like a promising year for the Dems. Even without a big state-wide Democratic primary (the Republicans had a U.S. Senate primary), turnout for the Democratic primaries was higher in key districts than Republican turnout (looking at about a dozen contested House and Senate races).

Can't help but throw in my two cents on the whole Lieberman fiasco: Joe, you ran a good race. You lost. It's time to step away from the podium. Seriously, put the microphone down.

Thrillhous 11:50 AM  

Thanks for the Mich insights, y'all. Walberg's in, realty's out. If only it was the cool Marky Mark kind of Walberg.

Andy 4:05 PM  

I am late to the party, but...

many in the party now feel that this congressional seat is in play. Either Walberg (1) keeps his campaign pledge and brings home no new projects (aka pork) to the district, or (2) breaks the campaign pledge.

Either way, St. Sen. Mark Schauer (D) is in great shape to possibly capture a growing Dem seat in 08.

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