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Friday, August 11, 2006

So after months of nail-biting waiting, my official results are back from the Beer Judge Certification Exam - and I passed! I no longer have to call myself an apprentice; I am officially at the "Recognized" level.

It comes with a nifty lapel pin that I have to wear at competitions, and an official card, listing my rank and official judge number.

From here, I accrue points by juding at competitions. I can also continue to re-take the test. I can move up in rank with a combination of points and how well I do on the test. The cool thing is, only my last highest score on the test counts, so if I bomb it once, it won't hurt me as a judge.

I also have to maintain a minimum amount of points accrued ever few years, just to stay current.

So there it is. I am a Recognized Beer Judge. For all the gamer dorks, that makes me a 2nd Level Beer Judge. It means my saving throw for Drunkeness is at +1, but any Willpower checks when around beer are at -1.

Oops. I revealed a bit too much about my little known habits...


Otto Man 2:15 PM  


I'm still cramming for that Federal Bikini Inspector license. Wish me luck!

Smitty 2:33 PM  

Hey...I've seen dudes wear those t-shirts; Official Bikini Inspector, right?

The only unfortunate thing about my official status is that it didn't come with the cool white wig.

B Mac 9:28 AM  


And there's nothing that says you can't create your own powdered wig ensemble. It might go well with the Michael Jackson uniform:

Always a classy look.

Thrillhous 5:43 PM  

It comes with a nifty lapel pin that I have to wear at competitions . . . .

But . . . there's nothing that says you can't wear the pin every day, right?

Smitty 7:41 PM  

Right, TH. I can wear it just for shits.

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