"...The Life's Blood Of Human Freedom..."

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why, oh why, are these thoughts confined to blogospheric rants and a cable anchor who while derserving of the top spot on a major network is instead confined to a 24-hour cable news show?

I have my own theories. After all, who really owns the media? Were it the liberals, Olbermann would have Katie Couric's job.

As a million other blogs have done today, you must go to this post at Crooks and Liars, with video of Keith Olbermann's rebuttal against Rumsfeld's thoughtless and ridiculous comments against the detractors of the Administration's views. Really, this "aid and comfort to the enemy" crap is getting really, really old.

As a follow-up, just in case hearing it right from Olbermann isn't good enough, read the whole transcript here from Kung Fu Monkey, as well as KFM's cogent commentary.

This is a much more eloquent and well-researched version of the "dissent-is-patriotic" line. Olbermann's line "Dissent and disagreement with government is the life’s blood of human freedom..." is the point. Not of patriotism alone, but of human freedom.

I won't add anything more; it has already been said, but better. Just go look at the links.


Mike 2:45 PM  

I have my own theories. After all, who really owns the media? Were it the liberals, Olbermann would have Katie Couric's job.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

Good point, Smitty. Among the various absurdities in the hackneyed "liberal media" lie is this fanciful notion of a multi-billion dollar corporation putting "welfare queens," "homeless people," "illegal immagrants" and all the other bugbears higher up on the depth chart than the Advertisers.

Good grief. So many stupid arguments go *poof* into thin air the second you stop to think about how . . . well, stupid they are.

Nice post.

Smitty 3:11 PM  

Thanks Mike! Much obliged.

It just makes sense. Instead of a challenging journalist, we get either Brian Williams, who is quite good but is forced to thinly veil his true critiques lest NBC lose ratings, or a lady with 346 huge white teeth whose recent photo was doctored.

Thrillhous 12:49 PM  

Yeah, somehow I don't see the grand poobahs of Disney or GE being firebrand libruls.

The more popular something gets, the more watered down it gets. Now that news is a huge moneymaker, it's all about sticking to comfortable or salacious storylines that keep people watching.

It really does look like Olbermann put a lot of effort into this vignette. With all the crazy crap that's screamed and sneered out of cable news lately, let's hope this is the speech that gets remembered.

Otto Man 12:20 AM  

This has always been a howler -- the idea that Fortune 500 companies are run by Marxists.

The next time a wingnut complains about the liberal media, ask him when he last saw a union official being interviewed on the evening news. And when was the last time a corporate officer was on?

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