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Friday, June 08, 2007

In the tradition of the Monday Link-O-Rama, I thought I would throw out some (hopefully) interesting stories I read this week. I don't have a lot of time, so I thought I'd use the same format as Smitty.

1. As a kid, one of my favorite shows was Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Marlin Perkins was the host and I was always fascinated by the footage. Unlike many of the Disneyesque films of today, Wild Kingdom was brutally honest in is depictions of nature. If they showed a gazelle drinking from a watering hole, five minutes later a lion would probably be eating it. In that tradition, watch this Youtube video of an encounter between lions and a herd of buffalo.

2. Canada seems to have strange laws in regards to weapons. That, or they have a serious problem with Ninjas. I am sure that Canadians can sleep well knowing their government will protect them from dorks like these individuals.

3. I am a strong advocate for public schools. I received a good education from one. My wife and several friends teach at public schools. Unfortunately, when stories like this come out it is difficult to know what to say. Look carefully at the sign in the picture...'Let Are Kids Walk.' Maybe all those jokes about Texas are true...I mean our true.


Smitty 9:37 AM  

1. That was the coolest thing I've seen. It started out pretty standrad-fare...liions gang up on the weak one and eat it. But then...the mob comes back. These cows didn't run over. They mobbed over. Strutted if you will. And took care of bidness.

2. Holy Cow. That was an impressive list of weaponry. Maybe they were planning on filming a Kung Fu flick???

3. I saw that sign. Maybe someone ought not graduate quite yet...maybe that TAKS test isn't such a bad idea...

B Mac,  10:03 AM  

1. Daaaaaaaaamn... You can almost see the lions decide, one at a time, that "I SO don't need this today."

2. This is actually part of a much bigger underground problem in North America; the struggle of Ninjas against the establishment:

3. A few years ago, Texas' Governor asked the immortal question, "is our children learning?" It appears that they have responded resoundingly: "No, we ourn't".

B Mac,  10:07 AM  

Oh, and one more thing... I've seen ninjas in the movies and on TV, but I've never seen one whip out a Taser. Although I did enjoy the scene in The Last Samurai when Tom Cruise busted out the brass knuckles and the mace.

Great finds, Steves. I needed a good chuckle for a slow Friday...

Mike 7:09 AM  

Hey, forget the wildebeast's 4th quarter comeback . . . how about the mini battle with the crocodile when the 1st lioness took the animal into the drink.

That was just a throwdown extraordinaire.

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