MI Legislature Finally On Track

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finally, after 6 months of screwing around, the Michigan Legislature is poised to introduce one of the most important pieces of legislation to be discussed yet this session.

Indeed, cosponsors are being requested on a measure to declare July as Michigan Craft Beer Month.

From the memo requesting cosponsorship:

Michigan has craft brewers in every region of the state and more than 70 craft brewers statewide. Michigan craft brewers are vested in the future, health, and welfare of their communities as employers providing a diverse array of quality local jobs, as contributors to local tax base, and as committed sponsors of a broad range of vital community institutions and philanthropic causes, including non-for-profit housing development associations, chambers of commerce, humane societies, athletic teams, and medical research. Michigan craft brewers also support Michigan agriculture by purchasing beet sugar, cherries, and apples grown in Michigan.
As the memo indicates, there are over 70 craft breweries in Michigan which gives all of us plenty of opportunity to ask that our own Representatives cosponsor this legislation.

So write your Rep and urge them to add their name to this bill! Don't know who your Rep is? Shame on you, and click this link. Send them an email directly from the link once you find them, and tell them to support a vital, entrepreneural industry in Michigan!


steves 2:04 PM  

My rep. is Byrum. Do you know if she is on board? I suppose Andy could ask...he thought she was hot.

Smitty 2:47 PM  

Yeah, Barb is on board. She better be. MBC is in her district. But she told me she'll cosponsor.

Bob 8:05 PM  

Shit, Meisner will be in DC tomorrow. Whose bill is it, and how long will it be up for co-sponsors?

Where do these type of useles...er, ceremonial type bills go? Government Ops?

I hope it doesn't come to Commerce. I'll never get a lobbyist named Smith out of my office.

Smitty 10:02 PM  

I almost guarantee this one goes to Commerce. And I guarantee you will see a lobbyist named Smitt...Smith as often as it takes for you to take up this bill.

B Mac,  8:24 AM  

"We have a card here from a 'Mr. Smitty' on behalf of; 'Michiganders for the Brewing and Consumption of Beer.' Mr. Smitty wishes to testify in support of the resolution."

wife,  11:28 AM  

This bill probably won't go to committee, it should just be voted on right away on the floor. Most useless...er, ceremonial type bills are done like that. Although a committee with beer would be much more interesting than most!

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